What is IA Week?

Intelligent Automation Week focuses on YOUR journey across the realms of RPA and AI to allow you to overcome YOUR challenges with an eye for the future!

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Whether you are a technical enthusiast excited by the latest code or a business executive driven by optimizing your business strategy for the greatest output, the IA Week is dedicated to identifying ...

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Engage with latest content through bespoke sessions tailored to your experience, maturity level and organisational requirement. There are track sessions from the width of the Intelligent Automation ...

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Connections make the world go around. The Intelligent Automation space is such an exciting and fast paced business community right now and the best way to advance as individuals and ...

In the fast-paced world of Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) companies must be agile and ready to adapt to change. In the lead up to Intelligent Automation Week 2019, we spoke to Ramshanker Krishnan, the Senior Director of Enterprise Services Delivery in Data & AI at Microsoft, spoke to us...

Featured Speakers

Event Statistics

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Why Attend? 

The one event you don’t get anywhere else: Sheer size, breadth of Intelligent Automation topics, practitioner only speakers and the fun!

The only event that caters for all the needs of your business when it comes to IA: RPA 101, Scaling RPA, the IA Technology Ecosystem, Cognitive & Machine Learning for Enterprise and the leap to AI for business

The only event in Europe where the IA Executive Club takes place – invitation only, senior strategy session where European and Global IA leaders debate and plan how to maximize IA results for their business

Diverse learning formats : workshops, case studies, group discussions, plenary debates, site tours so you can tailor your learning experience to fit the maturity level of your business

100% Intelligent Automation practitioners on stage – all enterprise case studies, all the time, jam packed with best practice, innovation, strategic and tactical practitioner sessions to make it a true peer-led benchmarking event

The most interactive IA Week ever, with more opportunities to network with your peers than ever before

Europe’s flagship in the world’s largest Intelligent Automation event series

5 Key Themes

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AI Tools - How can you leverage NLP, OCR, chat bots, machine learning, and build real AI solutions?

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AI Now - Data is the backbone of AI, so ensure you have everything ready to maximise your strategy.

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RPA & Technology Ecosystem - Do more with RPA by combining process, recognition, analytic technologies and more.

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RPA Realised - You’re implementing or scaling RPA, but what are the must-haves for major business success?

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Leadership – Lead and inspire your business to transform and change. Create the culture that will allow Intelligent Automation to succeed.

Inspiration & Innovation Speakers

Over 80 speakers represented the best from the World's largest companies and innovative start ups. We purposely find the executives that are in trenches, doing the dirty work – so they can tell you the why, how, and what they would change next time. Our content is all about your growth, challenges and education.

Why you can’t miss IA Week 2019  

  • Scale: The sheer breadth of Intelligent Automation practitioners, leaders, topics, presentations, technology, networking opportunities, bespoke meetings, and just flat out fun means this event delivers all your Intelligent Automation in one jam packed event.
  • Breadth: Wherever your business is on the Intelligent Automation journey and delivery, Intelligent Automation Week has the topics for you, ranging from RPA 101, Scaling RPA, AI Tools, the IA technology ecosystem, Cognitive and Machine learning, and the leap to AI for business
  • Diversity: Session formats to inspire the best way to learn and network – from keynote inspiration to deep dive workshops, interactive discussion groups to detailed track sessions, focus days and workshops, Intelligent Automation Week has you covered.
  • 100%: Intelligent Automation practitioners on stage: all enterprise case studies, all the time, jam packed with best practice, innovation, strategic and tactical practitioner sessions to make it a true peer-led benchmarking event
  • Exclusive: Closed door session with the invite only IA Executive Club where leaders discuss strategy and tactics to drive Intelligent Automation within their organistions
  • Technology: Hands on interaction with the latest technology and innovation from RPA, Cognitive and AI technology providers will give you the edge into what next for your Intelligent Automation journey
  • Fun: Network, interact, ask questions, enjoy drinks receptions, onsite surprises and much more  

What the attendees say

Tickets and Registrations

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Full access to the 3 day event, including your choice of Workshops, Interactive Discussions Groups and more.

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Access to exclusive Drinks Receptions, networking parties and Awards Cermony

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Exclusive App. The platform to network, share and plan you time at IA Week.

If you’re interested in speaking or have any other questions, contact us at enquire@iqpc.co.uk