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Intelligent Automation Fast Track Content Bundle

Intelligent Automation Week 2019 is fast approaching, so we have prepared a content bundle to fast track you on some of the amazing topics we will be discussing this year. From implementing Intelligent Automation how-to guides, to in-depth interviews with industry leaders, we are covering a swathe of crucial topics and exciting innovations. Let’s break down our four latest pieces, and give you a sneak peek at the vital knowledge you will gain when you download for free!

Microsoft Behind the Scenes: Data and Artificial Intelligence

In the fast-paced world of Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) companies must be agile and ready to adapt to change. In the lead up to Intelligent Automation Week 2019, we spoke to Ramshanker Krishnan, the Senior Director of Enterprise Services Delivery in Data & AI at Microsoft, spoke to us about Microsoft’s key experiences in Data and AI. You can read the in-depth interview here, but in this piece we will be breaking down Microsoft’s four key challenges, the innovations they are currently seeing, and what excites them about the future of Artificial Intelligence and Data.


In this year’s Intelligent Automation Benchmarking Report, SSON highlighted three major factors in measuring the success of Intelligent Automation implementation. Ahead of Intelligent Automation Week 2019, we have highlighted each factor and, using industry leading statistics, explained why they are crucial and why your organisation needs to be paying attention to them! You can find industry leading insights, vital information, and useful statistics in the SSON IA Benchmarking Report.

The Top Four Changing Trends in the Intelligent Automation Industry

Reflecting on 2018’s Changing Trends in The Automation Industry Report, we are looking at what has changed in technology trends. These are the four main findings we uncovered from our research! 

Your Business’ New Best Friend: The Three Tiers of The New Automation Toolbox

Ahead of Intelligent Automation Week, we have explored the three tiers of The New Automation Toolbox, and will show you the impact they will have on YOUR business.

Addressing Potential Risks of Artificial Intelligence Usage

By: Intelligent Automation Week

Recently, McKinsey & Co. published an article that confronted the potential risks of using and developing Artificial Intelligence on an organisational and societal level. Discover five common risks that you can prevent or plan ahead for when it comes to implementing it within your business.

How to Scale your Automation Capabilities

By: Intelligent Automation Week

Implementing Intelligent Automation is never an easy process; even RPA can cause problems. So, how do you take a simple automation initiative to the next level? We have compiled the top four practices needed to implement Intelligent Automation at scale.

What exactly is a Technology Ecosystem?

By: Intelligent Automation Week

No industry is as fast-moving as the Intelligent Automation industry. Hearing the buzzword 'technology ecosystem' can cause a lot of confusion for those who have not started on this venture. We explore the definition of a technology ecosystem.

How does Intelligent Automation aid Digital Transformation?

By: Intelligent Automation Week

For years, RPA was considered the tool to enable digital transformation. Its quick wins made it a crowd favourite with organisations across the globe. It has been established that Intelligent Automation can provide more transformational scope but how does IA aid digital transformations?

The Ethical Guidelines Shaping the Future of Artificial Intelligence

By: Intelligent Automation Week

Earlier this year, the High-Level Expert Group on AI unveiled seven guidelines put in place to aid the development of 'trustworthy' Artificial Intelligence. Discover the guidelines that will be shaping the future of Artificial Intelligence tools as we run through each guideline and how it will impact the indsutry for the better.