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Intelligent Automation Week 2019 is fast approaching, so we have prepared a content bundle to fast track you on some of the amazing topics we will be discussing this year. From implementing Intelligent Automation how-to guides, to in-depth interviews with industry leaders, we are covering a swathe of crucial topics and exciting innovations. Let’s break down our four latest pieces, and give you a sneak peek at the vital knowledge you will gain when you download for free!

Any organisation determined to succeed with digitalisation by taking full advantage of emerging automation opportunities will need to get their data in order as a priority.” – Barbara Hodge, Global Digital Editor and Principal Analyst, SSON

Wherever you are on you Intelligent Automation journey, it is vital to know your place within the broader scope of IA implementation. SSON’s Barbara Hodge has published a detailed Benchmarking Report on the state of Intelligent Automation, and outlined all of the major trends and challenges occurring right now.

SSON recently surveyed more than 200 Shared Services practitioners who have a vested interest in succeeding with intelligent automation. This report provides a real-time picture of how global Shared Services are progressing with their automation strategies and investment priorities, the roadblocks they are encountering, and their position on the all-important “data readiness” challenge.

If you want to gain insight to where you compare with your peers, and learn what is trending in Intelligent Automation implementation, read our brand new Benchmarking Report for 2019 here!

Building a futureproof structure is a crucial element to consider when implementing Intelligent Automation.

It has already been established that organisations who have already initiated some form of a technology ecosystem are functioning far more successfully than those who are not. Taking the time to learn how all of your tools can fit together is the biggest competitive advantage in the digital age. From this guidebook, we hope you can learn how common disruptive technologies can work together as well as some of the steps that will help you to develop a system. To ensure success in the digital age, your organisation should be establishing a technology ecosystem, now.

In order to help you thrive, we have assembled a comprehensive guide to the Technology Ecosystem, which will ensure you are making full use of your technology and data.

Change management also plays a crucial role in setting your organisation up for success.

Technology, as it turns out, is often the easy part. The benefits derived from advancing IA technology depend on change management that enables and facilitates its adoption and deployment. These may seem like enormous challenges. However, an automation programme that incorporates a systematic change management action plan that starts with education, builds awareness, stimulates demand for more information, drives competency, and continually reinforces the change, is relatively easy – If it forms a part of the programme from the start. The key will always be to not offer automation but offer outcomes.

To help you along the Intelligent Automation journey, we have identified the three key aspects of change management that will make or break your organisation in this report.

Finally, do you want first access to exclusive Intelligent Automation insight from an industry leader?

I am lucky to be part of a company like Microsoft, who are leaders in AI and it’s a core part of our mission to help everyone on the planet to achieve more. And that’s one of those things, I’m energised to come into work, day in and day out, and I’m blessed to be part of such an organisation that has AI right in the centre of everything that we want to do. My core motivation is the approach Microsoft has taken in terms of AI not being just a product or a brand. Rather, it’s an approach that we are taking, a human-centric approach to augment human capabilities, and improve productivity. That’s where it has become core to our purpose. I strongly connect with the story of democratising this technology and infuse every process, every application and every experience with intelligence.”  – Ramshanker Krishnan, the Senior Director of Enterprise Services Delivery in Data & AI at Microsoft

Read our behind-the-scenes interview with Microsoft’s Senior Director of Enterprise Services Delivery in Data and AI, to find out what lessons you can learn from an industry titan.

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