The Top Four Changing Trends in the Intelligent Automation Industry

In our Changing Trends in The Automation Industry Report, let’s look at what has changed in technology trends. All the facts and figures outlining the changing landscape of Intelligent Automation can be found here in our insightful report, and you can meet the trendsetters and industry leaders who are on the forefront of innovation at the 4th Annual Intelligent Automation Week 2019. These are the four main findings we uncovered from our research:



In 2018, the consensus was still unclear regarding the widespread usage of Artificial Intelligence, with companies cross-industry unconvinced and unwilling to take steps towards implementation. In 2018, only 9% of organisations made practical steps towards implementing Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Automation.

While there has not been substantial change regarding this attitude, we do expect to see an increase in openness to trialing at more organisations. Many businesses still consider this process too intimidating and complex to implement. However, there are new developments and emerging information around AI every day. Gradually, we expect that organisations will learn enough that they can begin the process, and build up to working with AI regularly.


The main industries taking the plunge into Automation Implementation in 2018 were Finance, Administrative Services, and Customer services. Industries that require significant amounts of manual work are prime candidates for AI transformation. We expect to see front-end focused industries moving towards implementing AI over the next 12 months.

There is already a lot of interest in automating customer services, but we expect this to keep increasing. Companies who have explored their options to automate back-end functions are now looking towards customer-facing functions when considering automation. Following the huge success of chatbots in recent years, front-facing automation is evolving into a significant next step for companies in the future.


Internal and external efficiency were the two main drivers behind automation in 2018, and this trend looks set to continue into the foreseeable future. The top five drivers in 2018 were: Increased Efficiency, Cost Savings, Transformation, Growth, and Competitive Edge.

Using an automation tool to its full capacity has become a major component in having a competitive advantage over others within specific industries. Gaining an advantage over competitors was one of the lesser focuses in 2018, but with the speed at which the technology develops, we foresee it becoming a main driver as companies look to best their rivals in revolutionising the way they automate.


With expanding reach and capabilities across new areas of business, new teams and functions are becoming increasingly responsible for interacting with and maintaining AI. The Intelligent Automation Report 2018 shows that businesses are relying heavily on either IT, Operations, or Innovation teams to take control of all AI processes. While this puts the technology in the hands of the experts, who know the best ways to utilise and develop the technology, companies are beginning to see the benefits in decentralising ownership and responsibility.

Getting past pre-established ownership can cause difficulty and issues between functions. We found that distributing control during the planning stage of implementing Intelligent Automation was key to successful initiatives. Though each organisation must curate how they distribute ownership of Intelligent Automation, we found that most successful organisations are defining the ownership of capabilities to fit them personally.


The Intelligent Automation Report 2018 has given us invaluable information for tracking the progress and trends in business automation, which allows us to communicate industry insight directly to you! These tips will keep you on the cutting-edge of Intelligent Automation’s revolutionary impact, and allow your business to stay on the pulse of best practice for the best results.

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