IA Week - Virtual Interactive Discussion Groups

IA Week - Virtual Interactive Discussion Groups

Intelligent Automation Week Europe Presents:
Virtual Interactive Discussion Groups
 26 – 28 May 2020

In 2020, businesses across the world have been at the forefront of unprecedented operating conditions in the wake of COVID-19.

Intelligent Automation and Transformation leaders have been grappling with how to respond to waves of changing business demands, pressures on processes and operations, and building a digital workforce.

A clear outcome from the “new normal” we find ourselves in, is that businesses are demanding a ramping up of Intelligent Automation throughout the organisation – from RPA to Machine Learning to Artificial Intelligence – as the way forward for organisations who want to safeguard, streamline and strengthen their processes and operations.

One thing for certain in the current crisis is that it has and will continue to force and accelerate change. Trends such as future of work and digital transformation that would normally take years to shape have now surfaced and require immediate decisions to be made and strategies in place; With this unparalleled pace of change, Intelligent Automation Leaders need to understand how to strategise and implement Intelligence Automation through their organisations, and how to deal with the numerous challenges that they come to face in making this all possible.

The answers to these questions shift and develop daily – it’s never been more important to compare notes, ideas and solutions with fellow Intelligent Automation leaders in order to develop and deliver a high functioning, resistant and sustainable Intelligent Automation implementation and governance model.

Intelligent Automation Week Europe is excited to present the Virtual Interactive Discussion Groups.


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