RPA & AI Week 2017 Speakers

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25 - 27 November, 2019 | Twickenham Stadium, London, United Kingdom

Sponsorship & Exhibition Opportunities

On the basis of sponsor and delegate feedback, PEX Network have embraced a more flexible and consultative approach and innovated our platforms, marketing channels and service delivery. This is all because we are dedicated to ensuring a return on our sponsor’s investment, and as such want to work with you to build bespoke packages that are tailored to your individual goals. We offer a comprehensive range of platforms, media, networking opportunities and marketing channels to deliver your objectives. In consultation with our expert team, you can mix a variety of activities that meet your specific business development needs:


Clients in this space either:

Are a small fish in a big pond, struggling to compete with well known and established brands

Get overlooked because their brand lacks recognition and credibility

Need to break out of their current pigeon-hole and establish credibility for a new product launch

Want to cement their market-leading position and remain front of mind


Our partners often:

Struggle to navigate and engage all members of a complex decision making unit

Need to open new doors within existing clients or prospect accounts

Are new to market and lack a solid contact base within the industry

Want to qualify prospects in or out quickly and only move the best opportunities through the sales funnel


We work with those who:

Need to explain the intricacies of a multi-faceted offering that can be perceived as ‘all things to all men’

Struggle to secure an audience with the time and engagement to appreciate a brand new technology/ ground breaking approach

Want to build credibility as a new or less well-known provider in this space

Utilising The Process Excellence Network has added significant value to i-nexus. Working with the PEX Network team to reach out to our target audience has proved very effective and has allowed us to raise awareness of the i-nexus brand and educate the market on the emerging discipline of Business Execution. As such I would not hesitate to recommend working with PEX Network and plan to continue using this platform for driving new business in the future.

We have been working with PEX for many years and it’s been a great partnership.

This event has been invaluable for productive networking. It gave us the opportunity to meet with peers and allowed my team to further current partnerships and have conversations which probably would not have occurred otherwise