Mike Hobday

Senior Vice President, Europe Antworks

Mike Hobday is SVP leading AntWorks in Europe.


AntWorks is a leading Intelligent Automation generation 2.0 company. AntWorks Integrated Automation Platform enables cognitive machine reading of invoices and web forms to more complex annual accounts and contracts. API and RPA enabled it is able to enrich data extracted with insight from external data sources, then execute business rules based on now structured data to trigger transactions and analytics.


Prior to joining AntWorks Mike led IBM’ Automation in Europe.  The practice focussed on supporting enterprise clients in transformation to Industry 4.0, from analogue to digital, eliminating un-necessary human intervention in processes where it fails to deliver value to customers or to protect business.  Our aim is to automate routine and allow workers in the 21st Century to focus on doing the work they really want to do.


Disciplines include Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data and Advanced Analytics; automation solutions including Robotic Process Automation, new leading solutions to exploit the potential of “Internet of Things” and Blockchain technologies. 


While no single technology transforms the workplace in combination these technologies herald a new digital workforce alongside a new generation of jobs and roles where colleagues are supported by AI tools and smart robotics.


Previously in IBM Mike has led the UK Banking Practice and was formerly Financial Services Leader in Asia Pacific.  He has advised Banking and FS clients globally on cognitive automation and has been Global Lead Account Partner for clients including Barclays, Maybank and ABN AMRO.


Prior to joining IBM Mike enjoyed an early formative career at Barclays, ultimately leading Operational Strategy for Retail and Commercial Banking, joined PwC as a Director in their Banking Strategy Practice, later Prudential as Transformation Director and immediately prior to joining IBM was Chief Executive of Atos Consulting UK, Americas and Asia Pacific and Board member of Atos UK.


Married with two grown children (TV Producer and a start-up entrepreneur), Mike is an enthusiastic follower and collector of the works of Elvis Costello.


Conference Day 2

Wednesday, November 27th, 2019

9:30 AM Panel Discussion: Establishing a workforce culture that embraces changes versus fearing it

Regardless if you’re a small, medium, or large-scale organisation, resistance to any form of change is universal. With respect to IA technologies and digital transformation efforts overall, if they aren’t accepted by your organisation’s workforce, operational and technical teams, the success of your IA program will be jeopardized.
In this session, the panel will debate:
·         How to set a cultural tone that will enable your organization to overcome a wide variety of workforce change management obstacles
·         How words and actions very often share the same value and should in turn be treated and delivered as such
·         Taking the fear out of IA with respect to employees fearing a loss of job control, skill set inadequacies, and heightened job security doubts

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Mike.

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