What is IA Week?


Whether you are a technical enthusiast excited by the latest code or a business executive driven by optimizing your business strategy for the greatest output, the IA Week is dedicated to identifying the most inspiring and innovative organisations in the space. Hear transforming ideas from cutting edge Keynote speakers, and become inspired by your peers as they tackle Intelligent Automation, taking you on the journey from RPA, to Cognitive and Machine Learning for business, touching on the technology ecosystem before arriving at AI for your enterprise. Look for the INSPIRE icon for sessions and activities that will inspire you the most.


Engage with latest content through bespoke sessions tailored to your experience, maturity level and organisational requirement. There are track sessions from the width of the Intelligent Automation that deep dive into actionable and practical examples of IA in action, workshops, focus days, interactive discussion groups, debates, catch up areas and much more! Look for the ENGAGE icon for sessions and activities that provide deep-dive learning experiences. 


Connections make the world go around. The Intelligent Automation space is such an exciting and fast paced business community right now and the best way to advance as individuals and organizations is to collaborate and connect with each other. Take advantage of the bespoke networking opportunities we created for you, based upon your interests and experience within the overall Intelligent Automation space. Look for the CONNECT icon for sessions and activities dedicated to offering increased networking opportunities to you and your team.