Shivani Bhatia

Senior Director, Global Requisition to Pay Johnson & Johnson

Shivani Bhatia Transformation Executive Systems supporting operations | Next Generation

Shared Services. Shivani serves as the Vice President of Global Shared Services at Berlitz.

Overseeing Order to Cash, Procure to Pay, Payroll, Real Estate, Franchise support and all

supporting systems, the department seeks to modernize its operations with the goal of

becoming “World Class”. Prior to joining Berlitz, Shivani ran the Business Systems

Transformation (BST) Program at McGraw-Hill. As the business continued to evolve, the BST

program sought to transform the Lead-to-Cash function by simplifying manual processes,

integrating systems, and enhancing the customer experience. The program transformed the

way MHE tracked opportunities, quotes, price products, place orders and record/report their

revenue. Prior to BST, she led the Global Procure to Pay team. The primary goal was to make

the department cost-neutral or “free” to the business by maximizing rebates and discounts as

well as simplifying or automating day-to-day processes – without reducing onshore headcount.

Prior to joining McGraw-Hill in 2013, she worked in various consulting, technology, audit and

business process re-engineering roles across a variety of industries and with a particular focus

on technology-enabled process improvements. She holds a BSBA in Management Information

Systems from The Ohio State University and a black belt in Lean Six Sigma.


Wednesday, June 16th, 2021

12:50 PM Keynote Panel: Make a Big Impact by Going Back to Shared Services Basics

Shared services has evolved greatly over the years but the argument can be made that in some cases, in the mad dash to prove its worth with flashy valued added activities, some FSSOs have forgotten foundational strategies that can have huge impacts. The pandemic changed all that as people had to work smarter and find wins quickly to keep organizations afloat. Many of these activities revolve around a single necessity: ownership and accountability. In this panel, Finance Shared Services heads will discuss some of these quick wins they’ve found as well as ones that have fundamentally changed how the organization works. Topics will include:

·        Strategies to make team members more accountable for targets and results

·        Taking a step back for a broader view of business needs, ensuring you’re working smarter, not harder

·        When to push employees and when to let them push back: building and maintaining a team mentality for increased productivity and engagement

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Shivani.

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