Workshop Day

8:00 am - 8:30 am Workshop Day Registration

Digital Transformation Focus Morning

8:30 am - 10:30 am Workshop A: Digital Transformation Landscape
Jo Hart - Senior Executive Advisor, Serviceware
Tobias Dawes - Director of Solutions Architecture, Serviceware
Yes, we know ‘Digital Transformation’ is a buzzword, even an outdated one maybe. However, today it’s widely agreed, that becoming a digital company is not a question of technology anymore. Technically, all Internal and Customer Services can be integrated and automated and can be provided in a more user-centric way than ever before.
So why is Digital Transformation still a topic on our agenda? Because a lot of companies fail to generate bottom line profit out of their digital initiatives.
This Workshop will look underneath the digital service transparency carpet and will discuss why a deeper understanding of how IT Services are made up, are consumed, are budgeted, and ultimately should be accurately cross-charged is essential, in order to obtain the desired financial results.
Delegates will leave the session:
•            With an in-depth understanding of the challenges of running IT and Shared Services as a business
•            How to embrace the tools and methodologies available to cross-charge Services internally and to sell them externally
•            Knowing how they can design and introduce an Enterprise Service Marketplace
•            With new concepts for ensuring regulatory Compliance in complex cross-country service setups


Jo Hart

Senior Executive Advisor


Tobias Dawes

Director of Solutions Architecture

GBS Transformation Focus Morning

8:30 am - 10:30 am Workshop B: Process Mining 101
Mohamed Karous - Data Scientist, Celonis
Process efficiency, simplification and standardisation is a core component of any Shared Services professional’s role. However, many leaders remain unaware of the benefits of “deep-diving” into the reality of process execution and improvements.
In this workshop, attendees will learn:
  • Where can process mining be deployed within your SSO?
  • How to extract key insights from your data
  • The benefits of process mining to deliver enhanced value
  • What will make your process mining initiative successful?

Mohamed Karous

Data Scientist

10:30 am - 11:00 am Morning Coffee Break

Digital Transformation Focus Morning

11:00 am - 1:00 pm Workshop D: Bots 101
Jan Rapala - Managing Director, Neoops
Zdenek Kabatek - Head of Professional Services Team, NEOOPS
Despite four years of hype, and numerous case studies extolling the virtues of RPA implementation, XX% of SSOs have still yet to take the jump into RPA. This is the perfect session for those still at POC/Pilot stage in their RPA journey to attend in order to understand the RPA technology landscape, the opportunities within RPA, and the limitations associated with it.
Great if you are a:
        RPA beginner
        If you are in POC stage with RPA, and want to hear from others who have “made the jump” before you!


Jan Rapala

Managing Director


Zdenek Kabatek

Head of Professional Services Team

GBS Transformations Focus Morning

11:00 am - 1:00 pm Workshop E: Digital Business Services - planning, designing and launching a global business services model with embedded RPA and further automation
Rakesh Sangani - Managing Partner, Finance Transformation, Shared Services and Outsourcing, Proservartner
Setting up a SSC or GBS enables organisations to benefit from improved agility and scalability, meeting the needs of the business, reduced costs, better analysis of existing data, and impact on the top and  bottom line. In this deep-dive Workshop, learn more
about getting the concept right, finding shortcuts through automation including robotics, building the business case and taking the business with you.
In particular, the workshop will enable you to:
        Discover the “needs to know” for location strategy
        Establish a clear roadmap for change, and clarity and vision for your transformation
        Understand your new market, the talent capabilities and the opportunities for future growth
        Take a balanced approached to RPA and other automation (as part of setting up)
        Importance of stabilisation (and not just focussing on Go Live)
        Build effective governance models
        Learn from companies who have set up in the region about what they did, and crucially, what they would do differently

Rakesh Sangani

Managing Partner, Finance Transformation, Shared Services and Outsourcing

Talent Focus Morning

11:00 am - 1:00 pm Workshop F: Gender, Diversity & Inclusion within Business Services
Geeta Malhotra - Vice President, Head of Global Business Services, Avon
Eva Makedonska - HR Director, Ingram Micro
With global structures, standardised ways of working and equal numbers of men and women employed within SSOs, GBS organisations are an area where we should see greater levels of diversity within senior leadership.
Multiple studies now back up the fact that companies with a greater diversity quotient, (whether this is measured by gender, race, or class) perform better than their more homogenous counterparts. But how can you install Diversity & Inclusion practices within your SSO?
In this session, hear from senior Business Services leaders who have a passion for D&I initiatives, and who have successfully rolled these out in their organisation.
This workshop is unique in that it is not just a learning opportunity, but a forum to create an informal network with your peers and understand how other companies are practically going about diversifying their workforce.
Areas covered:
        Overcoming unconscious bias
        Creating a recruitment strategy for your team that encourages diversity
        Creating an inclusive culture
        Creating women and minority leaders: practical approaches to upskilling and developing those with leadership capacity
        Empowering women and minorities  to put themselves forward for leadership roles

Geeta Malhotra

Vice President, Head of Global Business Services


Eva Makedonska

HR Director
Ingram Micro

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm Lunch

Digital Transformation Focus Afternoon

2:00 pm - 4:00 pm Workshop G: Whirlpool’s Handbook on Driving Digital Transformation in Shared Services
Hyusein Arabadzhiev - BTC & PTP Process Owner, Whirlpool
Daniel Chapman - AVP Strategic Accounts, HighRadius
There are three drivers of excellence in a shared services environment - strategy, technology and process improvement. While a robust implementation strategy would help you achieve the fundamental objective of cost reduction, it is the technology that helps SSCs unlock the next level of cost-effectiveness and process efficiency. How do you formulate a strategy that aligns with business objectives? How could technology enable SSCs to do more with less?
With digital transformation making revolutionary changes across industries, only companies with an eye on the future will be able to survive the next wave of disruption. Join this session with Hyusein Arabadzhiev, BTC and PTP Process Owner at Whirlpool, to take lessons from their shared services journey on strategy development and use-cases of digital transformation in order-to-cash. Learn what the future holds for finance shared services with Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Solutions emerging as game-changers.
Key Takeaways:
     A guide on key considerations for setting up shared service centres - location, processes and operating model
     Digital transformation in cash allocation for accurate, same-day, on-invoice cash posting for all payment formats including SEPA, SWIFT
     Best practices for technology business case evaluation, vendor selection and change management
     Artificial Intelligence use-cases for finance shared service centres

Hyusein Arabadzhiev

BTC & PTP Process Owner


Daniel Chapman

AVP Strategic Accounts

Digital Transformation Focus Afternoon

4:00 pm - 4:30 pm Afternoon Networking Break

Digital Transformation Focus Afternoon

4:30 pm - 6:30 pm Workshop J: Beyond Implementation – Getting the best out of your RPA programme for the 2020s
Stephen Sutcliffe - Director of Finance & Accounting, NHS Shared Business Services
Over two thirds of European SSOs are currently setting up Centres of Excellence, the majority of which are supporting RPA, AI, Business Process expertise and Data Analytics within businesses.
In this session, discover:
What are the key components beyond using RPA merely as a tool, and moving towards broader, value driven performance for your business?
How can RPA inform decisions surrounding “big data”, and business decision-making?
Discussion point - will we even be talking about RPA in 2 years time, or will it be BAU?

Stephen Sutcliffe

Director of Finance & Accounting
NHS Shared Business Services

The transition from multi-country operations or multi-centre SSCs into a Global Business Services model is not easy to make. Talent competition in any favourable location makes knowledge management priority number one for the execution of transition programmes and smooth delivery of
GBS operations. The session will address key risks associated with knowledge management at transition phase and GBS steady-state, with Business Services leaders and practitioners’ insights on mitigation strategies and different methodologies applied to maximise the standard global operating model for the business transformation.
  • System standardisation vs. process documentation - leverage your transition approach for data & knowledge repository
  • Global Process Ownership - establish cross-functional management for business accountability for process transformation
  • Best practices, tips and hints to arm your GBS operations with relevant knowledge management methodologies
  • Build the base for RPA - modern documentation solutions used to enable process automations.

Krystian Bestry

Chief Executive Officer
Adaptive Group


Pawel Kalinowski

Delivery Excellence & Reporting Director


Michał Bielawski

Group CFO
Adaptive Solutions Advisory Group


Joanna Wilczyńska

Program Manager, Senior Consultant
Adaptive Solutions Advisory Group


Robert Godziszewski

Senior Consultant
Adaptive Solutions Advisory Group

Rafał Drygała

Head of Global Service Centre
DLA Piper

Next Generation Business Services Focus Afternoon

4:00 pm - 4:30 pm Afternoon Networking Break

Next Generation Business Services Focus Afternoon

4:30 pm - 6:30 pm Workshop K: Creating a Digital Foundation in Finance
Sam Purches - Pre-sales Manager, Tungsten Network
Luke Macfarlane - EMEA Sales Director, Tungsten Network
Moving business-critical processes like Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable to automated solutions is not new; it has been around for years now.  However, despite the focus on this, many organisations are still not seeing the full benefit of automating these processes.  
Why? They haven’t cracked e-invoicing yet!

During this session, Tungsten Network will explain:
  • Why e-invoicing is the foundation of successful digital transformations
  • How connecting AP & AR teams help lay those foundations
  • The approach you should take to bring your business to World-Class

You’ll also hear from Tungsten Network customers about their journey getting to World-Class!


Sam Purches

Pre-sales Manager
Tungsten Network


Luke Macfarlane

EMEA Sales Director
Tungsten Network

AI and Analytics Focus Afternoon

2:00 pm - 4:00 pm Workshop I: AI Powered Decision Making – What Comes Next After You Have Implemented RPA?
Rahul Malhotra - Head of Service Delivery , Avis Budget Group BSC (Hungary)
According to SSON’s 2018 Report, 63% of European SSCs are either testing or planning some form of Artificial  Intelligence within their BSO.
However, as the lines between “traditional automation”, RPA, and AI become more and more blurred, what are the key criteria Business Services leaders need to establish in order to kick-start an Artificial Intelligence programme?
In this session:
        Cutting through the hype – what is AI in Business Services?
        Do you need to have embarked upon an RPA programme before you can start looking into AI?
        A discussion on the opportunities and limitations of AI (Chatbots, NLP, and beyond)

Rahul Malhotra

Head of Service Delivery
Avis Budget Group BSC (Hungary)

AI and Analytics Focus Afternoon

4:00 pm - 4:30 pm Afternoon Networking Break
With more and more data being created within organisations every minute, SSO leaders have the opportunity to utilise meaningful data to inform both strategic and operational decisions. This workshop will focus on how to utilise the true value of data and analytics, allowing Business Services to move successfully up the value chain.
You will:
        Discover how to kick-start your data analytics strategy
        Where will the quickest wins come from?
        What are the biggest barriers to getting cognitive and predictive analytics to work within an SSO?
        Learn tips and trips to successfully manage data alongside BAU

Ellen Meekels

Global Business Services Global Head of Reporting & Data Analytics
Ingram Micro


Jean Claude de Vera

President, AgileGBS & Former Vice President Global Business Services