12 - 15 October, 2020 | Prague

[Exclusive Case Study] Rediscovering the 'S' in SCC? Establishing ‘Service’ Excellence.

[Exclusive Case Study] Rediscovering the 'S' in SCC? Establishing ‘Service’ Excellence.

The combination of digitalization, robotisation and analytics has redefined the game plan with customer experience as the first fundamental part of the strategy.

Guy Mercier of Solvay Business Services, was one speaker at the 18th Annual European Shared Services and Outsourcing Week 2018 event, who best summarized what drives ‘service’. 

Download this exclusive case study featuring use cases from Amazon, Danske Bank and Shell, which details:

- Customer Centricity is currently underrepresented, ranking in the top five skills deficit in the shared services workplace – what can it be driven by?

- Keeping your eye on the prize, in the midst of a digital storm

- The survival of the shared services model will live or die based on the accessibility you offer  and your speed of delivery

- Millennials and Gen Z are the digital natives that businesses need in order to progress and compete effectively

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