Davis Aguilar

Partner Operations Lead, Information Business Services Mondelez

Davis Aguilar is a Shared Service professional with 20 years of experience in the BPO industry. He started his career leading customer service teams for a variety of companies such as Barnes and Noble and Tech Data, later moving into the HR space with First Data in Costa Rica. He joined Mondelez International in 2015 as HR Operations Lead for the Americas, supporting the set-up of the newly created Service Centres. A basketball coach and player for most of his life, he found a passion in helping others better themselves transferring this later into the workplace arena. Davis considers himself an eternal student and avid reader always in search of new ways to connect people with their aspirations and potential whilst driving for operational excellence. In 2017, Davis conceived and implemented an international exchange program to allow Mondelez employees to move across countries: “The Destination Program”. He is currently the Partner Operations Lead for Employee Services (managing the relationship between Payroll providers across the globe and Mondelez and as he puts it: “People often times think I pay them...!”). Originally from Costa Rica, Davis has lived in Birmingham, UK with his family since 2017 and, whenever he gets the chance, loves to escape on the weekends on his motorbike, exploring the surroundings and looking for nice small cafes

Main Conference Day 1

Tuesday, October 15th, 2019

11:55 AM Interactive Panel Discussion: People Remain Your Number One Asset

Despite all the talk of RPA, of intelligent automation, and of “bots stealing our jobs”, the SSO industry has matured. Automation is now broadly recognised as enabling the human workforce to step away from manual, mundane tasks and to add real value to businesses. But in competitive markets with widening skills gaps, what can companies do to foster and engage digital, committed talent?
Discussion Points:
        Attracting and retaining key talent
        The importance of creating a culture of loyalty to create the digital workforce of the future
        Creating the workplace of the future – encouraging cross-generational collaboration

Main Conference Day 2

Wednesday, October 16th, 2019

2:00 PM Outsourcing and the Future of Business Services

Digital technologies are affecting the way that BPOs are conducting business with their clients. The threat of reshoring is real, and is leading Outsourcers to reconfigure and reimagine their operations.
This panel will explore the trends that are impacting service centres, the most current strategic imperatives for outsourcing, case studies of successful digital transformation with the assistance of BPOs, and where and what the opportunities for growth into 2020 are.
Discussion points:
       Captive, outsourced, or hybrid - what is the best TOM for an SSC/GBS?
       How can SSC leaders encourage digital transformation with their outsourced partner?
       Stakeholder management - establishing best practice between your BPO and your customers

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