Simina Darabă

Robotics Process Automation Manager E.ON

Simina-Diana Darabă 

Robotics Process Automation Lead at E.ON Business Services Cluj

Simina is leading the Robotics Process Automation department of E.ON Business Services Cluj, the SSC of E.ON Group, one of the main key energy providers in Europe.

Being among the first employees joining the Services Center 7 years ago, Simina was initially responsible for the General Ledger Team offering accounting & reporting services for Sweden and UK.

Her vast experience in accountancy and the involvement in various internal projects to improve and optimize business processes, made her the best candidate for a new role in RPA. In 2017, she took the leadership of the new Robotics department, being responsible to setup and scale the existing project team, define the operational model and prioritize the use cases to be considered by RPA.

The team currently comprises 7 RPA Developers and many more digital workers that support colleagues in various areas of activities from Finance & Accounting, Tax, Controlling, to HR and Customer Service. The fast and successful implementation of the “robots” across the whole company acknowledged the team as the Center of Excellence for Robotics@ Finance in E.ON.

 “I enjoy what I do on a daily basis, as I get the chance to actually be part of a team who is driving the business transformation. We bring technology closer to our colleagues in the sense that we create a hybrid work environment, where people work and interact daily with the digital workers, and this is quite fascinating. My job gives me the energy to further inspire my family, and especially my 3 year old daughter, who is a regular visitor of our Robotics Lab”.

Main Conference Day 2

Wednesday, October 16th, 2019

10:00 AM Humanising Business Growth through Intelligent Automation

In this session, hear from Simina Daraba from E.On about how she has set up E.On’s RPA Centre of Excellence. Discover the successes that her team have realised, and explore the challenges that she has faced when it comes to adoption, training, and developing “Bot Talent”. Learn how E.On is looking to the future as we hurtle towards the ‘20s, and is now looking at embedding chatbots, and other forms of AI into its service offering.

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Simina.

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