Tobias Dawes

Director of Solutions Architecture Serviceware

Tobias Dawes

Tobias is the Director of Solution Architecture at Serviceware and responsible for ensuring customers receive the best technical solution for their business requirements.

Over the last 15 years, Tobias has helped the world's top companies across all sectors to transform and evolve successfully in the digital world. From thought leadership and trusted advisory, to delivering some of the first and largest data and workload migrations to the Cloud.

Tobias is also responsible for designing and implementing some of the most Secure, Performant and Highly Available Cloud Services in the UK.

Workshop Day

Monday, October 14th, 2019

8:30 AM Workshop A: Digital Transformation Landscape

Yes, we know ‘Digital Transformation’ is a buzzword, even an outdated one maybe. However, today it’s widely agreed, that becoming a digital company is not a question of technology anymore. Technically, all Internal and Customer Services can be integrated and automated and can be provided in a more user-centric way than ever before.
So why is Digital Transformation still a topic on our agenda? Because a lot of companies fail to generate bottom line profit out of their digital initiatives.
This Workshop will look underneath the digital service transparency carpet and will discuss why a deeper understanding of how IT Services are made up, are consumed, are budgeted, and ultimately should be accurately cross-charged is essential, in order to obtain the desired financial results.
Delegates will leave the session:
•            With an in-depth understanding of the challenges of running IT and Shared Services as a business
•            How to embrace the tools and methodologies available to cross-charge Services internally and to sell them externally
•            Knowing how they can design and introduce an Enterprise Service Marketplace
•            With new concepts for ensuring regulatory Compliance in complex cross-country service setups

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Tobias.

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