Industry Report

State of the Global Shared Services Market Report 2019

Every year, SSON’s global member survey highlights significant progression in Shared Services models. This year's report is broken into five core areas.

Human Resource Trends 2019

Many professionals began to shift away from technology in the sense that it was the end-all-be-all for HR. In some ways, the shine began to wear off. Instead, we saw HR professionals move more toward real issues focused on employees. And those changes top our trends going into 2019.

In this report, you will learn more on: 

  • Ensuring high employee engagement
  • Career Pathing 
  • Performance Management
  • Company Performance
  • Diversity and inclusion 
  • HR Tech 

SSON’s Report: Computer Vision And Cognitive Automation

Optical Character Recognition is an important part of automated processing, through its ability to take human eyeballs out of the process and replace them with software driven processing.

And yet, OCR has at times proven of limited effectiveness. This is where Computer Vision steps in to fix the problem. This report introduces Computer Vision, and explains how you can leverage its capabilities.