View Your Event Guide - Shared Services and Outsourcing Forum Middle East 2019 in Egypt

Egypt’s unique geographical position together with its very attractive value proposition including; proximity to both Europe and the rest of EMEA; highly skilled workforce; competitive costs of setting up business as well as a highly developed and mature tech sector makes Egypt a leading SSO destination in EMEA.

If you’re looking to set up a Shared Service Centre, outsource any of your functions or want to find out more why you should leverage Egypt, join us at the Shared Services and Outsourcing Forum Middle East 2019 in Egypt (3-4 September, Cairo) and explore the opportunities in Egypt, network with your peers who either are looking to set up or have already established their shared services and outsourcing operation.

Interactive Report: Shared Services Landscape in Egypt

This visual analytics report leverages data from SSON Analytics to provide a fully comprehensive, dynamic and up-to-date overview of all location considerations applicable to Egypt as a Shared Services location.

“How To” Guide to Cognitive Automation

While RPA’s growth trajectory has been steep – implementations jumped from 9% to 32% over the last year – there are limitations to what it can do on its own. Download this report to find out how cognitive automation works, why it's a critical application right now, and how to successfully integrate it.

“How To” Guide to Process Discovery

This report introduces Process Discovery as a means of identifying where to improve the efficiency of your processes; how to discover these opportunities; and why Process Discovery is so essential to service optimisation.

State Of The Shared Services Market Report 2019: The Middle East

Every year, SSON’s survey highlights enormous progression in Shared Services’ evolution. The past couple of years have shown a clear move away from transactional, human-based work towards data driven, knowledge-based activity – enabled by automation.

Shared Services Organisations in the Middle East are developing new competencies and taking on growth, frequently by leveraging new Centres of Expertise or Excellence (more than 2/3 of Middle East SSCs now leverage COEs) and expanding into new services and geographies.

The State Of The Shared Services Market Report 2019: The Middle East highlights ten trends emerging from this year’s Middle East respondents, which emphasise the new direction, strategies and value-add SSOs are carving out for themselves.

Top Trends In The Middle East: 

  • Centre of Expertise - 69% are leveraging a Centre of Expertise (COE) 
  • Overall Shared Services Strategy - 52% are moving forward to a bigger but fewer centres 
  • Productivity Improvements in the next 12 months - Fifty-nine percent of SSOs are targeting productivity improvements greater than 7%
  • Transactional or Knowledge-based - 35%  say that more than half the services they offer are now predominantly knowledge-based
  • Outsourcing to Solve Problems - 60% are still outsourcing

… and more. 

7 Steps to Successfully Deploying RPA

Over the past year, RPA implementations have jumped from 9% to 32%. And yet, many practitioners tell tales of woe: The tools work, they agree, but the implementation is challenging. This guide helps plug the knowledge gap that can slow down RPA, and takes you through the 7 key steps to implementation. It also shares 5 Case Studies that offer additional insights on how to get it right.

10 Characteristics of Top Performing HR Service Organisations - What sets the top 20% apart?

This report provides a detailed analysis of an optimised HR services framework and advice on how to redesign HR to reflect the best practices of today. 

Top Shared Services Talent Challenges And Tips On How To Deal With Them

SSON recently ran a global survey asking these 5 key questions:

  • What is your top Shared Services talent challenge?
  • What is the biggest skills deficit within your existing Shared Services Staff?
  • How are you supporting management in transitioning to managing a digital workforce alongside a human workforce?
  • How is diversity playing out in your organisation (i.e. your SSC location)?
  • What is your diversity program predominantly focused on?

This articles sums up some useful insights shared by the industry. 

Global Business Services: Transformation Driver & Digital Enabler

What’s the fuss about Global Business Services? This report identifies why different organisations have chosen a Global Business Services strategy, how it’s structured, the advantages it yields, and how it’s supporting transformation. 

PLUS: 10 GBS leaders answer questions on structure, implementation, talent management, transformation and careers!

Rethinking or Merely Tweaking: Your GBS Target Operating Model

Too many GBS Target Operating Models (TOM) are nothing more than paper exercises, incorporating the received wisdom of consultants and others that the model must include elements such “two or more outsourcing relationships,” “truly global,” “one leader at the C-suite level”, and other similar nonsense.

This article sums up why TOM design and implementation is a continuous process, and not just a PowerPoint.

Anticipated Attendee Snapshot

Find out who you can expect and learn from at the Shared Services & Outsourcing Forum Middle East 2019 in Egypt! 

Become a Next Generation Leader

Organisations are embarking on their next phase of development – a phase more demanding than its leaders have ever seen before.

Emerging trends such as data analytics and Robotic Process Automation (RPA), amidst increased requests from challenging customers, requires a new host of skills – and it seems there are limits to what can and cannot be trained. What does it take to lead in this new environment?

This article shows the vital skills required of the modern day leader and includes first-hand advice from experts. 

EGYPT: Uniquely Positioned for Value-Driven Services

Current services delivery trends center on value-add services that leverage enhanced skill sets alongside automated processing. As a result, global enterprises are re-evaluating the Shared Services landscape through a new lens – one that puts a priority on infrastructure, talent, and Center of Excellence-based capabilities. SSON’s recent survey identifies Egypt as an under-tapped opportunity for all three. Download and read this new report now to find out how re-thinking talent will drive your operational success.