There's a High Level of Quality VS Quantity

"I think the level of intimacy it provides has been a key diffrenciator, and I think it's facilitated the opportunity to have a few more meanigful discussions. You're sharing breakfasts and lunches and dinners together, in an informal setting where you can discuss and to share ideas, not only around what's been presented during the session but around other key issues and activities. There's a high quality of attendees versus quantity, so I think the fact that it's restricted to a few numbers works well for everybody.


Exchange Is A Unique Format

"I’ve found with traditional conferences you tend to be in a situation where you spend a long time in room, sitting at a table, where people get distracted by devices, technology and emails and other things, and vendors feel like they’re sort of on the periphery. Whereas here, I felt like we were much more included. I think everybody knew that was part of what was expected to happen. So, it’s completely transparent and that transaction occurred in a more free and open fashion"

We Meet People Who Want To Meet Us

“I like the combination of the-one to-ones, they're very, very focused. We met with people who  actually said they wanted to meet with us and they’re not there under duress. There are industry people and clients essentially standing up and telling us what they’re doing well. Sharing that with their peers, but also sharing that with us helps us learn in the industry as well.”