Design Thinking to Humanize the Digital Process

Design Thinking to Humanize the Digital Process

How to use a 'try and test' methodology to hone in on solving user experience

In the age of user-centricity and customer experience, Design Thinking coming to the fore. SSON’s editor talks to Mito Mihelič, Head of Design Thinking at Viessmann Group GmbH.

Why is Design Thinking becoming so important? The answer is because most organizations don't truly know their customer, and that’s a problem they need to solve, especially as the digital revolution risks exacerbating this gap. And while Design Thinking might be an intuitive approach to improving Viessmann’s customers’ appreciation for the company’s heating, cooling and climate control technology, it’s equally valuable in improving business process gaps. In fact, the philosophy is truly about humanizing digital processes.

The 5 Critical Factors to Shared Services Success in Higher Education

The 5 Critical Factors to Shared Services Success in Higher Education

What does shared services success in higher education look like?

From cost savings to increased efficiency, shared services has the potential to transform the higher education landscape in a myriad of ways. However, given the unique challenges higher ed SSO leaders face, such as increased competition over funding, acute resistance to change, and confounding levels of system complexity, how do you ensure your new SSO initiative is set up for success?

With this in mind, we at SSON partnered with 3 Shared Services for Higher Education speakers to develop a list of 5 core factors of SSO success:

  • Stakeholder Involvement
  • Talent Retention
  • Communication & Change Management
  • Technology & Process
  • Leadership & Vision

Includes insights from:

  • Lisa Sharpe, Project Director, Shared Services Operations, Office of the AVP for Finance, West Virginia University
  • Kelly Johnson, Director of Shared Services and Administration, University of Washington
  • Sarah Peri, Assistant Director of Operations & Academic Outreach Finance and Administration, Brown University