Driving Competitive Growth and Sustainable Advantages with Shared Services

April 20 - 23, 2020 | Seattle, WA

CASE STUDY: The Power Of Virtual Shared Services

CASE STUDY: The Power Of Virtual Shared Services

No building, no money, no resources… No problem. If you build it right, they will not know what they did without you. Overcoming the fear, the faculty and the frustration of having to implement shared services. Learn how University of Iowa implemented shared services in the face of overwhelming change on campus. Learn about their methodology for measuring the baseline, measurement of progress and success, as well as how they attained a 50% improvement and $900,000 in FTE savings in one year.

Presentation by Debby Zumbach, Associate Vice President of Finance and Operations, Director of Purchasing and Business Services/University Shared Services, University of Iowa

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