Driving Competitive Growth and Sustainable Advantages with Shared Services

April 20 - 23, 2020 | Seattle, WA

How To Build A Next Generation Shared Services Delivery Model

How To Build A Next Generation Shared Services Delivery Model

Bureau Veritas’s Mumbai-based Global SSC provides effective integrated support that makes the organization run – just not in the traditional way. As Shared Services has become table stakes across a large number of global and multinational enterprises, the model is nevertheless under constant pressure to outperform itself. The secret to the success of Bureau Veritas’s approach is deep knowledge capability within the SSC, which leverages both technical and process expertise. And although in the early years there was certainly pushback from local businesses, over time this proven expertise has won over global acceptance, Avinash explains: “We could not be trusted otherwise to take on the critical business operations work that we have taken on, if the business didn’t trust us locally to support its clients.”

Bureau Veritas’s innovative SSO model is an extraordinary example of the efficiencies and expertise inherent to the Shared Services model being applied to a core business, and perfectly exemplifies the new generation Shared Services delivery models that are driving innovative service delivery. The differentiator is that SSO activities at bureau Veritas are integrated with business operations to deliver greater value and drive stronger efficiencies.

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