Driving Competitive Growth & Sustainable Advantages with Shared Services

April 20 - 23, 2020
Renaissance Seattle Hotel

How to Recruit & Retain Exceptional SSO Executive Leadership

How to Recruit & Retain Exceptional SSO Executive Leadership

To effectively launch, manage, and expand a thriving SSC, you need strong leadership to ensure success. However, recruiting and retaining exceptional executive management isn’t an easy task, especially in shared services. To attract and hold onto top talent, you must develop an end-to-end plan of how to do so.

In this past presentation, Brenda Rebman, MBA, CHPR, CMC, CHE, Chief Human Resources Officer, Office of the Associate Vice Chancellor, UC Davis, explores:

  • How to identify and attract senior executive and mid-management teams with critical competencies, qualifications and SSC specialized expertise
  • How to establish career development strategies that support and engage a wide variety of management teams
  • Senior and mid-management mentoring and training programs to ensure core mission excellence

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