15 - 18 June, 2020 | Melbourne, Victoria

Workshop Day: Tuesday, 11th June 2019

Workshop A

3:30 pm - 5:30 pm Automation Anywhere - FREE to attend Build-A-Bot Session

Join Automation Anywhere at SSOW2019 and take your first step into the Digital Workforce world by building your own bot. This will give you first-hand experience to realise how powerful & simple it is to deploy a ‘digital worker’ to work alongside you & your teams. By automating mundane, rules-based business processes you’ll be freeing up more time to focus on high value tasks. This is not a session just for technical people, this is a session for business users. We’ve had CEO’s, HR Managers, Procurement Heads and Finance Directors join these sessions and walk away having built a fully functional software bot.

At the end of this workshop you will be able to sign up for a personalised value realisation demonstration &/or a Proof of Concept for your business.
See how easy it is to begin your RPA journey in this FREE to attend session with:
  • The choice to attend the session either at 3:30 pm for 1 hour, or 4:30 pm for 1 hour
  • The ability to bring any of your colleagues, even if they are not attending the event
Make sure you bring your laptop to ensure you get the most out of attending this session!

Please register yourself and your team members early as they tend to be rather popular and we have limited space. You can register through the below link:

Workshop B

10:30 am - 12:30 pm The Future of Intelligent Services: How Data Analytics, Cognitive and AI Will Reshape The Future of Business Services

Sarunas Suipis - EUROC Site Leader, VP Operations, Western Union
This is pre requisite for beginners in Data, Artificial and Cognitive Intelligence to attend the AI and Data Analytics stream on the summit

According to our SSON Analytics Report, 70% of our audience is looking to launch into Artificial Intelligence or have just started a pilot.

If you haven’t started looking at how AI can benefit your organisation, 2019 is the year to jump in! However, we understand there are barriers to entry in Artificial Intelligence and Data- it is one BIG project. This workshop will take you through all the different technologies you could possibly leverage in Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics and will give you a high level knowledge and understanding of where AI fits in the Shared Service.

  • Identify and explore the use of technology like Cognitive Intelligence, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Data Analytics, Predictive Analytics and many, many more
  • Explore the use of these technologies within Shared Service and exactly where you could deploy a model
  • Understand use cases and common barriers to deploying Artificial Intelligence


Sarunas Suipis

EUROC Site Leader, VP Operations
Western Union

Workshop C

1:00 pm - 3:00 pm Driving Cultural Transformation and Change Management in an Uncertain Environment

International Ross Mackay - Group Head of Global Shared Service and Finance Optimisation, International SOS
International SOS is constantly acquiring new companies- meaning new systems, new process and new people need to be onboarded all the time. Not only this, but Ross is dealing with added complexity in a Global Shared Services environment.
This all means the impact of his people are immense. Ross really believes that people are the core of his Shared Services. But how does he work with global cultures? How does he work with new employees all the time? How does he empower and lead his employees in a time of constant change? Ross shares his perspective on people and how he believes they are the centre of creating a quality and stable shared services.

  • Working with and integrating new systems and new cultures into existing ones
  • Multi skilling and creating careers in shared services to keep your people
  • Taking your people along with you in your vision to help them be comfortable with change and even become champions of change


International Ross Mackay

Group Head of Global Shared Service and Finance Optimisation
International SOS

Workshop D

3:30 pm - 5:30 pm Shared Services Planning and Launching: Bypassing Traditional Teething Issues With a Well-Defined Modern SSC Program

Rod Schreiber - Deputy Head of SDO, Department of Finance
This workshop is specifically created for Shared Services that are launching and government Shared Service Centres
Often when establishing a shared service, or even if you are a few years in, there can be a lot of issues around defining the structure of a Shared Service to increase operational efficiency and reduce costs. However one important aspect of Shared Services that is increasingly coming to light is how you structure your operations to benefit your customer and stakeholders too! This workshop will examine some of the different operating models you can set your Shared Service up as. We will look at how the Australian Government Department of Finance took an iterative approach to building the whole of-government shared services program, with a 360 degree feedback model throughout implementation, where they took advice of their hubs and clients to build a more effective shared services.

  • Understand different operating models and procedure and understand how you can create these with the customer in mind from the beginning
  • Delivering a build, test, refine approach to creating shared services- which includes how to build flexibility and continuous improvement into your shared service from the start
  • Understand what your reporting should look like to ensure you clearly understand the benefit you provide to your customer and where you might need to invest your time in changing the organisation


Rod Schreiber

Deputy Head of SDO
Department of Finance