Workshops: Monday, 15th June 2020

This workshop day has been constructed to enable you to attend workshops to suit your shared services maturity and grow. They have been strategically positioned so that each workshop builds off the previous, to equip you with the best toolkit for your journey.


9:00 am - 11:00 am Shared Services 101: Launching a Centralized Shared Services Centre
Suraj Walia - usiness Leader, Global Shared Services(GSS), MetLife, India
When launching a new, shared service operation it is critical to have a clear strategy, a detailed business case, a phased approach and a focus on your people and change management. This workshop will equip you with a toolkit for starting this journey, from gaining business buy-in to understanding how to implement and integrate successfully into existing business strategy. You will walk away with a clear understanding of the foundations necessary for SSO success.

Suraj is a globally experienced shared services expert who has set up shared services centres across all 3 MetLife regions of Americas, Asia and EMEA. Partnering with CXOs across multiple functions, he is versed in the build and execution of shared services strategies across multiple regions. This workshop will give you the opportunity to work closely with Suraj to draw a strategy for setting up your shared service centre.

How you will benefit:
  • Discuss the strategic drivers for gaining leadership buy-in
  • Understand the critical activities for design, implementation and stabilization
  • Gain insight into stabilization strategies and common design and implementation pitfalls
  • Review the technological capability that is already available to enhance services
  • Understand the practical change management techniques to ensure your SSO is future-fit

Suraj Walia

usiness Leader, Global Shared Services(GSS)
MetLife, India


9:00 am - 11:00 am Global Business Service Model Creation: Graduating from centralized shared services to global business services
Suzanne Leopoldi-Nichols - President of Global Business Services, UPS, USA
Outdated Shared Services models can’t sustain success and position your company for competitive advantage. How do you incorporate the key buzzwords of today “AI, Customer-centric, Design-thinking, Digital, Hybrid-human, Quantum Computing, Transformation, Virtual-everything, Voice-as-UI, Zillennials” into a hyper-hip and mature business model, that adds strategic value to support your organization? Running your GBS like a business that includes all the multi-faceted dimensions are the keys to success.

This workshop will be an opportunity to learn from the expertise of the President of Global Business Services at UPS, Suzanne Leopoldi-Nichols. Drawing from her years of experience and high expertise she will guide you on electing the right model, the right processes, and the right structure for your GBS.

How you will benefit:
  • Learn the best practice for embedding end to end process ownership
  • Gain guidance on GBS modelling – Graduating from Centralized SS to GBS
  • Find the answer to - How do you decide the right model for your organization?
  • Explore the risk factor - Big Bang to GBS / Risk Reward Model

Suzanne Leopoldi-Nichols

President of Global Business Services


11:30 am - 1:30 pm Creating the Finance Function of the Future: Establishing Finance as Valued and Trusted Business Partners
Anil Bhavnani - Director BPO & Digital Transformation, Pfizer (India)
Transformative technologies such as block chain, robotic process automation (RPA) and machine learning are transforming the way institutions operate. Outdated legacy systems, manual, messy processes and teams who need to be reskilled to embrace digitization are all common aspects of the pre-transformation journey within finance SSOs and GBS organizations.

If finance wants to position itself as a ‘value-add’ to the business, it must navigate digital disruption and become forward-looking.
This will involve assessing the insights that can be gained through a clear data analytics strategy and the proactive re-engineering of processes.
In this workshop you will work with Susheel, the CFO of Kmart Group, to build an understanding of how to drive continuous improvement and digitalization in finance and reposition the function as a partner to business decisioning.

How you will benefit:
  • Review the new finance digital ecosystem: end-to-end transformation, operations engines, business value & user experience
  • Understand the role of predictive analytics, IA, and digitalization on future operations
  • Hear how RPA can be combined with Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools to launch finance digitization to new heights
  • Strategies for moving up the value-chain to support enterprise-wide decision making

Anil Bhavnani

Director BPO & Digital Transformation
Pfizer (India)


11:30 am - 1:30 pm Workforce of the Future: Workforce Planning and Design Thinking in an Age of Intelligent Automation
Kingston Seet - GM of GBS, BT Malaysia
There is no question that digitization and automation are breaking traditional operating and service delivery models. This also signals a need for businesses to adapt how they hire, motivate and retain the workforce of the future. There is now room to explore how remaining roles will be transformed and new roles will emerge.

This workshop will be an opportunity to learn strategies of design thinking for planning the workforce of the future, in order to succeed and thrive through digital disruption and drive value from the back office. As the Director of BPO and Digital Transformation from Pfizer, India, Anil will guide you through critical workforce transformation strategies for the increasingly digital age.

How you will benefit:
  • Gain strategies for E2E Intelligent Automation RPA + Analytics + Cognitive
  • Learn how to implement robust process improvement – planning, optimizing and re-engineering
  • Techniques for reacting to changing workforce demographics and expectations
  • Design thinking techniques which drive value creation from the back-office
  • Upskilling and embedding skills and capabilities for the workforce of the future

Kingston Seet

BT Malaysia


2:00 pm - 4:00 pm Robotic Process Automation 101: Beginning the automation journey - opportunities, strategies, roadblocks and lessons learnt
Neal Yang - P&O Director (HR SSC), Mars, China
Whether beginning the RPA journey or looking to scale, it is first critical to understand the foundations needed to ensure seamless and successful implementation. This session will equip you with the toolkit for beginning an RPA strategy and building on early stages to fast track deployment and success.

Neal, the P&O Director of the HR SSC for Mars China, will share his global expertise to guide you on how to design an automation journey and drive forward preliminary initiatives. From scaling RPA to looking at intelligent automation, this workshop will equip you with to building blocks for a successful journey.

How you will benefit:
  • Learn how to construct your roadmap for RPA and elect where the value-add will be
  • First steps: Strategies for standardizing and maturing processes for optimal implementation
  • Gain techniques for anticipating the key obstacles to successful RPA deployment
  • Scaling the RPA journey and identifying the next steps

Neal Yang

P&O Director (HR SSC)
Mars, China


2:00 pm - 4:00 pm Data Visualisation & Value Creation: Building a Data Strategy to Drive Business Intelligence from the Back Office
Shared Services performance depends on combining the right technologies with the right process and the right people. Today, the opportunity lies in making processes smarter and faster by leveraging transparency, digitization, real-time data and automation. If 2019 was the year of the Center of Expertise (COE) then 2020 is the year of Data!

This workshop is an opportunity to explore the next step in the intelligent services journey to enable you to drive value back to the business through data science, analytics & visualization.

  • Learn where to begin when aligning technology, process and people
  • Critical considerations for data governance and systems integration
  • Building a data visualization toolkit to strengthen your analytics strategy

4:00 pm - 6:00 pm Build-A-Bot 101

This workshop will give you the opportunity to take your first step into the Digital Workforce world by building your own bot.

By automating mundane, rules-based business processes you’ll free up more time to focus on high value tasks. At the end of this workshop you will walk away having built a fully functional software bot.

For the first time, data analytics emerges as the single most common service delivered by global SSCs. According to SSON Analytics, 60% of respondents confirmed they provide data analytics support to their business customers. So, what does it take to develop a sound data strategy, manage all the information and leverage it to drive decision support? Find out during this deep-dive workshop covering the following:

Learn to analyze data for business intelligence and decision support
Gain strategies of data visualization to release the true value of your data
Understand how to re-engineer your data strategy to drive increased value back into business
Identify how data science can blend with process excellence