Anna Alechno

Global Process Improvement and Automation Lead IKEA, Europe (Poland)

Conference Day Two: Wednesday, 17th June 2020

Wednesday, June 17th, 2020

9:50 AM #SSOWOMEN - Women in Business Services: How Can Diversity Be Driven Through Business Services - From Back to Front Office

Debate surrounds the concept of leadership; is it an innate and inherent ability held by a small number of people, or can anyone rise to the challenge of leadership? Into this complex field of study comes the issue of female leadership. Does it differ from male leadership, and if so, what are those defining characteristics? Women in their own way, wield enormous influence and have inspired many to their respective cause. In this panel, leaders will join together to discuss female leadership in business services.

  • Exemplary leadership examples and why diversity means more success
  • Breaking down stereotypes: should this be top-down?
  • The evolution of shared services as a prime opportunity to drive diversity
Panel chair:

2:55 PM Process Excellence Panel: Critical Steps to Building Digitally-Enabled CoEs Which Contribute to a New Era of Intelligent Services

This panel discussion will look at back office advancement through continuous improvement and process excellence. The expert panelists will share perspectives on COE model design and the challenges faced on the journey to intelligent services.

  • The challenges of aligning people, processes, technology and systems
  • Creating Centres of Expertise with the right COE model
  • Continuous improvement strategies for intelligent service provision
  • Process mapping for the fastest ROI
  • Common road bumps on the RPA/AI journey and how to preempt or overcome them

5:20 PM How IKEA Have Developed a Continuous Process Improvement Model Across 3 Shared Service Centres Globally

In order to establish continuous improvement across global operations, IKEA have built a model which begins with process excellence and the supporting culture. In this session, Anna will share IKEA’s approach to sacrificing short term benefits for long term gain, delving into process standardization preceding automation initiatives, to enable scale at speed later.

  • Constructing a robust continuous improvement model in operations: blending process excellence and culture
  • Strategic process optimization - identification, re-engineering and mapping
  • The importance of process standardization before automation
  • Having your voice heard: The importance of underlying culture to support continuous improvement

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Anna.

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