Dave Breslin

Vice President of Service Delivery SAP Concur, Asia Pacific and Greater China

Dave Breslin is an accomplished consulting leader and cloud software executive. He has the diverse experience of serving in leadership roles in the Services, Sales, and Client Development organizations. He is currently responsible for the 430 member SAP Concur service delivery team supporting our 1,900 customers in Asia Pacific. Throughout his career, Dave has worked in over 20 countries across North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. He is an expert in global implementation, spend management, regulatory compliance, corporate travel, and business transformation.

In his 16 years at SAP, Dave has worked with hundreds of customers ranging from very small to very large, helping each of them transform and optimize their business in the cloud to become best run companies. He has a broad perspective on leading global business practices, and the most effective ways to ensure customer success. Dave is passionate about bringing customers and SAP Concur together around the world.

Dave is having an incredible experience living in Singapore and working in Asia. He loves to travel, eat local food, play guitar, and spend time with his wife and two daughters. Talk to Dave about your global business challenges, he would love to help.

Day Two: Wednesday, 30th September 2020

Friday, October 30th, 2020

9:40 AM How to Leverage Digital Capabilities and Take Automation Further to Shift to Knowledge Services

Regardless of maturity, businesses are turning to data and automation to progress their enterprise services. From starting out in RPA to progressing to advanced cognitive analytics and machine learning, it is critical to know how to harness the true potential of data science to be able to collaborate with business. 

This panel will deep-dive into strategies for advancing your digital capabilities and improving your automation journey. 

  • Embedding data science, analytics & visualization into operational models 
  • Transitioning away from outsourcing to an automated workforce
  • Balancing human intelligence with artificial intelligence
  • Adopting IA Platform-as-a-Service 
  • Critical steps to building E2E automation