March 23 - 26, 2020
Rosen Shingle Creek, Orlando, FL

Workshops & Master Classes Day One: Tuesday, March 12th, 2019

Interactive Workshops A-E

Workshop A

8:00 am - 10:00 am Shared Services 101: Setting Course For Success and Avoiding Possible Pitfalls
A clear strategy, a detailed business case, a phased approach and a focus on customer experience are critical to the success of a new shared service operation. This workshop will delve into the must haves for shared service success and explore the most common implementation pitfalls to keep you ahead of the curve.

In this workshop, participants will:
• Discuss strategic approaches for obtaining corporate budget/funding
• Highlight the critical activities for design, implementation and operations stabilization
• Review the key technologies and automation available
• Review the common design and implementation pitfalls
• Pinpoint the practical change management techniques for an effective transformation

Courtney Jackson, Partner at ScottMadden

Courtney Jackson


Jerred Crosby, Partner at ScottMadden

Jerred Crosby


Trish Ferris, Partner at ScottMadden

Trish Ferris


Workshop B

8:00 am - 10:00 am Building Next Generation HR Shared Services: 5 Steps to Creating & Delivering Higher Value Services
With the emergence and maturity of self-service, integrated services, intelligent automation and analytics, how does your HRSSO navigate this ever-changing landscape? Figuring out what deserves the most focus in the next 18 – 24 months, developing a strategic framework and successfully carrying out new initiatives will set the course for greater value, enhanced employee experience, competitive advantage and greater ROI. Your leadership will thank you!

In this workshop, participants will:
• Examine the top priorities of top performing HR SSOs
• Evaluate ways to stay current with customer needs and
• Create a roadmap for the next 18 -24 months
• Develop a guide to start implementing self-service
options or refine those already in place
• Build a step-by-step strategy to fully automate HR processes
Kelvin Lovely, Senior HR Advisory Solution Consultant at ServiceNow

Kelvin Lovely

Senior HR Advisory Solution Consultant

Workshop C

8:00 am - 10:00 am Blockchain Implications & Benefits for F&A Processes
Business blockchains are being used today to help reinvent how transactions are managed. They can reduce the time and cost of almost any process, enabling near real-time operations. Business Blockchains deliver a high degree of accuracy and with significantly less risk than many alternatives. So, how can SSOs begin integrating blockchain capabilities into their organizations? Learning about blockchain technology basics, assessing how blockchain is an opportunity for SSOs, and outlining the first steps towards blockchain implementation are a good starting points.

In this workshop, participants will:
• Develop a clear understanding Blockchain 101 and the advantages of adding it to processes
• Examine where blockchain can have the most impact on end-to-end F&A processes
• Assess several use cases for blockchain and F&A processes
• Evaluate the limits of blockchain’s applicability within
Gerard Dache, President at Government Blockchain Association

Gerard Dache

Government Blockchain Association

Workshop D

8:00 am - 10:00 am Roadmap for Your Frist 12 to 18 Months of RPA Implementation
Robotic Process Automation can provide significant benefits to SSOs seeking to automate processes, increase productivity and free up hours to take on more value added work. So, how do you get started? What do you do once you have your first bot in place? What comes next? What trends do you need to be thinking about in this evolving area? This session is ideal for those who are launching, or have their first few bots and are looking to increase their supply.

In this workshop, participants will:
• Explore the most common goals of implementing RPA as well as the risks involved
• Discuss how to ‘sell’ RPA to stakeholders when launching and how to gain support for growing your program
• Dissect lessons learned from planning and implementation
• Examine how to select and assemble robots in a process with workflow and process orchestration
• Outline the trends you need to be aware of for the next 12 to 24 months

Phil Searle, Founder & CEO at Chazey Partners

Phil Searle

Founder & CEO
Chazey Partners

Craig Ackerman, Global Head, RPA at Chazey Partners

Craig Ackerman

Global Head, RPA
Chazey Partners

Workshop E

8:00 am - 10:00 am Competencies for Effective Senior-Level Shared Services Leadership
While the ability to cut costs and achieve revenue growth will always be important, today’s leaders must exhibit skills sets way beyond a transactional executor. The current environment requires leaders to have cheetah-like speed and agility, to be a strategic visionary, to take calculated risks, and have the ability to break down silos while managing the change presented in geographic expansion. However, often leaders are reluctant to let go of what got them to their current state of success. For those leaders who make this expansion, the rewards are positive, their people grow, engagement increases, creativity emerges, and through greater alignment, more is achieved in
shorter time.

In this session, participants will:
• Discuss the shared services competencies required in an ever-changing environment
• Move from a management mentality to incorporate more complex leadership skills
• Receive proven strategies to sharpen people-related sills
• Receive a development plan to kick-start transformation efforts
• Move from doing to influencing in complexity, setting direction, creating a culture and building alignment
Cindy Hannafey, Managing Director at UHY Advisors

Cindy Hannafey

Managing Director
UHY Advisors

Michael Heilman, Senior Manager at UHY Advisors

Michael Heilman

Senior Manager
UHY Advisors

Brian Hawkins, Senior Manager at UHY Advisors

Brian Hawkins

Senior Manager
UHY Advisors

Interactive Workshops F-J

Workshop F

10:15 am - 12:15 pm Shared Services 2.0: The Next Frontier for Shared Services Operations
What’s next for maturing shared services operations? How do you add value within a manageable framework? Dive into next-generation concepts with this interactive session. Here, we will share strategies to add value to your organization by:
• Refining existing operations through end-to-end processes, governance, and cybersecurity
• Expanding beyond existing scope to new functions, customers, and geographies
• Innovating your organization through mobile applications, robotics process automation, artificial intelligence, analytics, and social media
• Inspiring your teams by engaging employees, motivating millennials, and developing new marketable skills

Trey Robinson, Partner at ScottMadden

Trey Robinson


Kim Davenport, Partner at ScottMadden

Kim Davenport


Honorio Padrón, Partner at Scott Madden

Honorio Padrón

Scott Madden

Workshop G

10:15 am - 12:15 pm Continuous Improvement 2.0: Embedding Into the Fabric of Shared Services
As shared services structures, technologies and processes continue to evolve at a rapid pace, traditional CI programs may no longer suffice. To keep pace with advancements in automation, RPA, Machine Learning and BPM-based CI, now is the time to reassess our current programs, metrics,strategies and methodologies. The idea of CI in the digital age does not mean that the core goal is different. Rather, the path we take to get there must match up to a new strategy and set of goals.

In this workshop, participants will:
• Discuss how and where Continuous Improvement fits into a successful IA program
• Understand how to identify processes for automation and their problem statements and risks
• Develop a roadmap with a supporting business case showcasing the value of your automation program
• Identify up and downstream processes from your process that are ripe for intelligent automation to ensure maximum success
• Understand the advantages that customers and associates can derive from the typical improvement benefits that automation can provide

Brent LaRoche, Principal, Operational Excellence, LSSMBB MBA at Agilify

Brent LaRoche

Principal, Operational Excellence, LSSMBB MBA

Darin Munn, Automation Implementation Lead at Agilify

Darin Munn

Automation Implementation Lead

In this workshop participants will learn how to deploy design thinking in shared services.
o   What is design thinking – quick look at this methodology
o   How it is different from other problem solving methodologies?
o   What is a typical situation in shared services where design thinking can be applied?
o   How do we deploy design thinking in the organization?
o   What kind of training is required to implement this?
o   What are the real life examples/use cases where design thinking can be used?

Madhukar Tata, Strategic Business Practice Head, Business Transformation Services at Infosys BPM

Madhukar Tata

Strategic Business Practice Head, Business Transformation Services
Infosys BPM

SL Sasee Reka, Head - Learning and Development Manufacturing & Consulting at Infosys Limited

SL Sasee Reka

Head - Learning and Development Manufacturing & Consulting
Infosys Limited

Workshop I

10:15 am - 12:15 pm Beyond Implementation: Taking Your RPA Program to New Heights
One bot is live, but you want multiple bots with the same status. It is time to reflect on what worked, what didn't work, what ROI the implementation provided, how future implementation might change
governance structures and what technologies might be disrupting SSOs next.

In this workshop, participants will:
• Explore cases of top performing RPA implementation in SSOs
• Hear what’s next for organizations that have made it through pilot and
• Discuss expansion plans for multiple bot deployment
• Review the different projects a robot can perform and what should be prioritized
• Learn what future cycles might look like in a world with multiple bots deployed
• Review the technologies that will be disrupting shared services organizations in the next 18 – 24 months

Mark Davison, Global Partner, Robotic Process and Cognitive Automation at ISG

Mark Davison

Global Partner, Robotic Process and Cognitive Automation

Scott Furlong, Partner at Information Services Group (ISG)

Scott Furlong

Information Services Group (ISG)

Workshop J

10:15 am - 12:15 pm Building End-to-End Process Management, Governance & Ownership
End-to-end process management integrates a company’s business activities to match the way external parties (customers, vendors, regulators) experience the company. This drives efficiency, fuels market-based innovation and facilitates collaborative problem solving. As transformational technologies provide new leverage for standard systems and shared service operations, end-to-end process governance provides a powerful means to integrate technology with the organization’s business objectives.

In this workshop participants will:
• Review the design of an end-to-end process management approach
• Build end-to-end process management
• Structure governance models to drive operational performance improvements in business

Kane Peschl, Robotic Solutions Specialist at Redwood Solutions

Kane Peschl

Robotic Solutions Specialist
Redwood Solutions

Aaron Veach, Sr. Robotic Solution Specialist at Redwood Software Inc.

Aaron Veach

Sr. Robotic Solution Specialist
Redwood Software Inc.

Master Class K

10:15 am - 12:15 pm Preventing Fraud and Managing Risk in P2P
Fraud scams are growing both in frequency and in sophistication. The 2018 survey from the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners shows an estimated 5 percent of corporate revenues are lost to fraud scams annually. To protect your company’s revenue, you need to be able to monitor for financial, reputation, compliance and geopolitical risks. During this MasterClass, attendees will learn how to improve supplier relationships, reduce fraud and risk, and drive strategic programs with the best possible vendor master data achieved through automated data scrubbing and enrichment, supplier self-service, and continuous monitoring. 
In this session, will explore how you can:
• Manage these risks with intelligent technologies
• Consolidate and analyze previously incompatible information from all your procure-to-pay platforms, commercial or homegrown
• Proactively detect, analyze and prevent issues before they lead to
costly losses.
Joni Geurts, Accounts Payable Manager at JetBlue Airways

Joni Geurts

Accounts Payable Manager
JetBlue Airways

Danny Thompson, SVP, Market and Product Strategy at Apex Analytix

Danny Thompson

SVP, Market and Product Strategy
Apex Analytix

11:00 am - 12:30 pm Main Conference Registration Opens & Networking

12:30 pm - 12:40 pm SSON Opening Remarks

12:40 pm - 12:50 pm Opening Remarks from the Chairperson

Brad DeMent, Partner at ScottMadden

Brad DeMent


Does it seem that every company is going through a transformation? There is no doubt that we are living in an increasingly transformative period, classified as the age of acceleration. This acceleration is illustrated by massive disruption happening at high velocity to our traditional business practices. It is an age in which entire industries are being reshaped with routine business models being rendered useless in favor of more agile people, plans and processes. It’s a period where the premium for more innovative and effective shared services operating model design and execution has never been more important.
Let’s talk about how transformation can actually be the catalyst to finallymove your SSC to multi-functional, or your multi-functional SSC to a
GBS or your GBS into a truly valued business partner. We’ll explore
specific examples of what to do (or not do) during transformation with
guidance on how to leverage new knowledge, processes, practices and
talent. Don’t miss this lively keynote panel to hear how several SSOs are capitalizing on their organization’s transformation.
Suzanne Leopoldi-Nichols, President of Global Business Services at UPS

Suzanne Leopoldi-Nichols

President of Global Business Services

Steven Jo, COO, Transformation Office at Silicon Valley Bank

Steven Jo

COO, Transformation Office
Silicon Valley Bank

Kamila Grembowicz, SVP, Global Business Services at Adidas Group

Kamila Grembowicz

SVP, Global Business Services
Adidas Group

Krishna Nacha, Head of Global Business Services (BPO - FAO, KPO, Procurement, LPO) at Wipro Limited

Krishna Nacha

Head of Global Business Services (BPO - FAO, KPO, Procurement, LPO)
Wipro Limited

Cathy Bilotta, Director, Strategic Initiatives, GBS at Raytheon

Cathy Bilotta

Director, Strategic Initiatives, GBS

Christof Fahr, VP & Program Lead at Siemens

Christof Fahr

VP & Program Lead

1:30 pm - 2:00 pm Is Blockchain Ready to Handle our Financial Processes? A Luxury Brand's Proof-of-Concept to Intercompany Accounting

We’ve all heard that blockchain is going to revolutionize the way we run our finance and supply chain processes.  So, is the revolution here?….or will we be settling in for a long wait? Our Luxury Products company conducted a proof-of-concept to determine if the benefits of electronic contracts and immutable history would rise above the capabilities of seemingly simpler automation that has been around for years?  We used the Intercompany Accounting process as our test case to learn more about blockchain technology and determine if we should invest now, or wait a while for the maturity curve to develop.  This session will explore the benefits and challenges of applying blockchain technology to real financial processes, and review the lessons we learned along the way.

VP Global Process Solutions

Luxury Products Brand

Brad DeMent, Partner at ScottMadden

Brad DeMent


2:00 pm - 2:30 pm FIRESIDE CHAT INTERVIEW: Robotic Process Automation State-of-the-Union: Where We Are and Where We Are Heading

RPA is now mainstream - by 2021 the market will reach $2.9 billion dollars. This does not mean that every organization has scaled RPA fully or that some have even started on their journey towards RPA implementation. However, what it does signify, is that there are plenty of lessons learned and numerous burning questions. What is the provider community doing to keep up with demand? How are they scaling up? How are they building in AI components into current offerings and how will this impact SSOs who are down the path with RPA? What does their innovation roadmap look like? How does it differentiate from a BPO? Acquisitions and IPO - how will they keep up with new demand and maintain a level of customer service? What are the innovative RPA org. models being developed within SSOs? This fireside chat will explore the biggest successes and the largest lessons learned from RPA implantation and what the future holds for our industry.

Wade Burgess, EVP, Sales at Automation Anywhere

Wade Burgess

EVP, Sales
Automation Anywhere

Charles Morgan, VP, Finance Shared Services at Aetna

Charles Morgan

VP, Finance Shared Services

2:30 pm - 3:10 pm Networking Break and Demo Drive

Concurrent Track Sessions Begin


3:10 pm - 3:50 pm Panel: Stairway to Success: From Buy-In to Launch of Shared Services in 18 Months or Less
Time, resources and benefits will be at the core of a leader’s decision to launch a SSO, because one must be able to connect the dots across the organization. What needs to prioritized to ‘make the sale’ in order to avoid failure to launch is essential.

In this session, participants will:
• Examine strategies for roll-out, creating value-add services, and creating better controls through multiple business units
• Explore strategies for implementation across function and regions
• Outline ways to build basic road maps, change management practices, savings plans, risk management plans, agility practices, and processes to achieve an SSO within 18 months
David Bedard, SVP, Finance Service Organization at New York Life

David Bedard

SVP, Finance Service Organization
New York Life

Charles Morgan, VP, Finance Shared Services at Aetna

Charles Morgan

VP, Finance Shared Services

Julie Harbert, VP, Shared Services at Entergy

Julie Harbert

VP, Shared Services

Ryan Cutright, RVP, Enterprise Sales at Tradeshift

Ryan Cutright

RVP, Enterprise Sales

Disconnected. Isolated. These are not words that should be associated with escalation management in an SSO. Avoiding issues and conflicts starts with governance. So, what can be done to make sure there is clarity at the operational, management and strategic levels?

In this session, participants will:
  • Review various SSO governance roles, standards, rules, responsibilities and power structures
  • Outline new strategies to align initiatives and create a value chain as a beacon for process management
  • Explore strategies to become a more agile organization amidst changes
Ken Somers, VP & Head of Strategy and Governance - Enterprise Shared Services at at XL Catlin

Ken Somers

VP & Head of Strategy and Governance - Enterprise Shared Services at
XL Catlin

Chad Keenen, Director of Shared Services at Corning Incorporated

Chad Keenen

Director of Shared Services
Corning Incorporated

Tom Nesteruk, VP, HR Shared Services at AdventHealth

Tom Nesteruk

VP, HR Shared Services

Geoffrey Long, VP, Global Shared Services at Laureate International Universities

Geoffrey Long

VP, Global Shared Services
Laureate International Universities

Kari Lamont, Senior Director, Central Capabilities at McCormick & Company

Kari Lamont

Senior Director, Central Capabilities
McCormick & Company


3:10 pm - 3:50 pm Delivering Multi-Functional Shared Services: Agility & Customer Value as Growth Enablers
At J&J, they are building agility, accountability and excellent service to deliver healthcare to one billion patients, customers and consumers every day.

This requires the highest levels of operational agility,
accountability, and excellence in execution.

In this session, participants will:
• Explore how the world’s largest and most diversified healthcare company is transforming its approach in order to deliver multifunctional services.
• Pave the way for transformation and establish a global shared services organization
• Identify how to support employees to embrace new ways of working
• Evaluate ways to adapt to market dynamics
• Dissect what value J&Js new model is delivering for its businesses, its 130,000 employees and its customers around the world
Erin Champlin, VP, Global Services & Enterprise Transformation at Johnson & Johnson

Erin Champlin

VP, Global Services & Enterprise Transformation
Johnson & Johnson


3:10 pm - 3:50 pm No Mandate, No Problem! Driving a Successful Shared in an Opt-In Environment
Being able to demonstrate the value and sell the benefits of shared services is a challenge unto itself. Now, consider what it takes to have success in driving a shared services strategy in an opt-in environment.

In this session, participants will explore how to:
• Engage business unit leaders and sell the value of shared services
• Develop a disciplined centralization and process improvement methodology
• Leverage third parties effectively
• Establish key metrics and consistently upgrade them

David Evangelista, SVP & General Manager at McKesson

David Evangelista

SVP & General Manager

Amy Burns, VP, Six Sigma at McKesson

Amy Burns

VP, Six Sigma

Digitalizing and automating processes is the new normal for SSOs looking to add value and maintain a competitive edge in this 4th Industrial Revolution. Well beyond the proof of concept of RPA, we are focused now on scaling up, enhancing the CX and layering in AI to take RPA to new heights. We're even starting to see use cases of Machine Learning & Cognitive Automation in shared services. In this session, participants will:
  • Hear how several SSOs are applying RPA, AI and other forms of advanced automation to SS processes
  • Compare examples of where tech implementation fails and succeeds
  • Examine where SSOs benefit the most quickly and obtain the greatest ROI
  • Overcome resistance to change and gain buy-in
Mark Etwaru, Digital Transformation Leader at Estee Lauder

Mark Etwaru

Digital Transformation Leader
Estee Lauder

Jeff Machols, VP, Head of Continuous Improvement at Voya

Jeff Machols

VP, Head of Continuous Improvement

Tracy Colosimo, Director-Optimization Services at Gap Inc.

Tracy Colosimo

Director-Optimization Services
Gap Inc.

Jose Ordinas Lewis, Head Robotic Automation Center at Swiss Re

Jose Ordinas Lewis

Head Robotic Automation Center
Swiss Re

Tema Mueller, Vice President Sales-Leading Digital Transformation at UiPath

Tema Mueller

Vice President Sales-Leading Digital Transformation


3:10 pm - 3:50 pm HR Your Way! Leveraging the Power of Personalization to Drive a Digital HR Transformation
Welcome to the consumerization of HR service delivery. New strategies are needed to reach and truly engage the current and up-and-coming workforce. Especially when tech is at the forefront of everyday interaction for customers. In today's digital environment, Shared Services has a huge opportunity to evolve the HR service delivery model and build capabilities among the team!
In this session, participants will:
  • Learn where and how to start a digital HR journey
  • Bring together social, mobile, analytics and cloud (SMAC) technologies to radically transform the employee experience
  • Receive examples of personalized service delivery
  • Balance high tech and high touch
Melissa Friedman, Director HR Portal & Content at MGM Resorts International

Melissa Friedman

Director HR Portal & Content
MGM Resorts International

Business services offerings have been evolving to extend beyond the transactions into expertise-based processes. This evolution underscores the necessity of building business services delivery models comprehensively across end-to-end business processes. Today's most successful companies are utilizing Business Services to deploy crossfunctional competencies which drive innovation within and outside of Business Services and to help drive transformative strategy through holistic, outcome-based governance structures. A leading example lies in how organizations are increasingly looking to business services to define and implement enterprise data strategies which in turn enables them to provide analytical services to the broader business while deploying intelligent automation, cloud and other digital technologies in doing so.

Kamila Grembowicz, SVP, Global Business Services at Adidas Group

Kamila Grembowicz

SVP, Global Business Services
Adidas Group

Viral Chhaya, Director - Global Business Solutions at General Motors

Viral Chhaya

Director - Global Business Solutions
General Motors

Daniel Davidson, VP of Finance Shared Services at Equifax

Daniel Davidson

VP of Finance Shared Services

Alicia Kuhn, Shared Services & Outsourcing Advisory at KPMG

Alicia Kuhn

Shared Services & Outsourcing Advisory

Group 2


3:55 pm - 4:35 pm View on the Location Paradox: From Setup to Maintenance
Cost has been the primary measure of value in location decisions. However, the evolving political scene and impending tax regulations are changing the strategies that SSOs focus on when doing their due diligence. Location must be a competitive, environmental, cultural, and operational fit.
In this session, participants will:
  • Discover the hot and new locations and whey the are gaining in popularity
  • Examine why several SSO chose their location and the criteria used to make the decision
  • Evaluate the role that operating conditions, talent availability, sustainability, access and physical infrastructure can play in decision making
  • Identify hurdles, challenges and opportunities of immersing yourself in a different market and with different players
Sue Brauer, VP, Strategy & Transformation, Finance Operations at Pearson

Sue Brauer

VP, Strategy & Transformation, Finance Operations


3:55 pm - 4:35 pm How We Can Use Theory of Constraints in a Shared Services Environment
Theory of constraints (ToC) was made famous by Eli Goldratt’s book, The Goal, since the 1990's. ToC has been used to drive FLOW in many
domains such as manufacturing plants, supply chain and large projects.

In this session, participants will learn how to use ToC practices to drive breakthrough results in shared services.
Yazdi Bagli, SVP, Global Business Services at Walmart

Yazdi Bagli

SVP, Global Business Services

Provide solutions towards cost reduction and profit optimization. This has been the traditional role of the BPO. Now, BPOs are providing assistance by understanding big data, analytics, cloud computing options and cost savings, enhanced automated systems, and providing even more elevated customer experience support

In this session, participants will:
• Examine how BPOs are leveraging technology to meet the needs of
their clients
• Explore how SSOs are redefining their relationships with their BPO provider
• Identify what BPO 2.0 will look like
Michael Konstas, VP, Finance Shared Services at American Express Global Travel Business

Michael Konstas

VP, Finance Shared Services
American Express Global Travel Business

Shadi Rezvan, Senior Manager Shared Services & Transformation at Twitter

Shadi Rezvan

Senior Manager Shared Services & Transformation

Mandy Richards, Director of Continuous Improvement at BBA Aviation

Mandy Richards

Director of Continuous Improvement
BBA Aviation

Steven Jo, COO, Transformation Office at Silicon Valley Bank

Steven Jo

COO, Transformation Office
Silicon Valley Bank

Interested in what your peers are doing to sell more services? How they are combating a fear of job loss by adding more opportunities to create value in SS? This session will present ways to serve your customers outside of the traditional Finance, HR and other areas. By adding innovative, higher value and knowledge based processes like those seen in sales and marketing, strategic sourcing, real estate and analytics - SSOs can create greater value, increase employee engagement contribute to enterprise wide decision support.

In this session, participants will choose a roundtable of choice and engage in discussion for expanding scope, where and when it makes sense.

Roundtable A: Strategic Sourcing Qiana Levy, Head of Global Procurement and Strategic Sourcing, Learfield

Roundtable B: Real Estate & Facilities Management Michael Frankel, Executive Director and Head of GBS, Amgen

Roundtable C: Financial Planning And Analysis Marianela Urgelles, Shared Services Director, Intel

Roundtable D: Legal Operations Jennifer Suarez Jankes, Director and Associate General Counsel, Citi Tampa 

Qiana Levy, Head of Global Procurement/Strategic Sourcing at Learfield

Qiana Levy

Head of Global Procurement/Strategic Sourcing

Marianela Urgelles, Shared Service Center Director at Intel Corporation

Marianela Urgelles

Shared Service Center Director
Intel Corporation

Michael Frankel, Executive Director and Head of GBS at Independent

Michael Frankel

Executive Director and Head of GBS

Jennifer Suarez Jankes, Director and Associate General Counsel at Citi Tampa

Jennifer Suarez Jankes

Director and Associate General Counsel
Citi Tampa

By going broader than just RPA companies today are extending the creative problem-solving capabilities and productivity of human beings to deliver superior business outcomes. In this session, participants will:
  • Hear how several companies are scaling their automation journey
  • Examine how these companies are measuring and delivering outcomes through application of analytics
  • Overcome resistance to change and gain internal buy-in
  • Establish processes and governance to manage and mitigate risk across multiple lines of business
  • Compare examples of where establishing an Automation CoE aided in speed of implementation
Mariesa Coughanour, Senior Director for Intelligent Automation at Cognizant

Mariesa Coughanour

Senior Director for Intelligent Automation

Clemmie Malley, Enterprise Automation COE Lead at NEXTEra Energy

Clemmie Malley

Enterprise Automation COE Lead
NEXTEra Energy

Chris Miller, Head of Robotics at John Hancock

Chris Miller

Head of Robotics
John Hancock

Yatima Kapil, AVP, Digital Automation at MetLife

Yatima Kapil

AVP, Digital Automation

Jason Yamamoto, Automation Lead, Finance Data Services at MGM Resorts

Jason Yamamoto

Automation Lead, Finance Data Services
MGM Resorts

Deborah Murphy, Continuous Improvement Executive at US Bank

Deborah Murphy

Continuous Improvement Executive
US Bank

So many HR organizations are either evaluating or implementing cloud based apps for the massive benefits of simplification, enhanced employee experience and cost reduction. Yet, cloudbased systems also bring a host of challenges. In this session, participants will:
  • Highlight the opportunities and challenges of cloud-based HR systems
  • Learn the best way to implement SaaS to meet business needs
  • Ensure widespread adoption by employees
  • Mitigate concerns with IT and security issues
Douglas Becker, Director, HR Technology at Trinity Health

Douglas Becker

Director, HR Technology
Trinity Health

Treye Elzenga, Director, Employee Service Center at Albertsons

Treye Elzenga

Director, Employee Service Center

Caroline Jecko-Parkes, Former VP, Global HR Shared Services at United Technologies

Caroline Jecko-Parkes

Former VP, Global HR Shared Services
United Technologies

Linette Ruess, VP, HR Operations at US Acute Care Solutions

Linette Ruess

VP, HR Operations
US Acute Care Solutions


4:20 pm - 5:20 pm Engineering a Culture of Customer Intimacy at Scale
As customer expectations and behaviors have caused seismic shifts across entire industries and business models, companies have enhanced their focus on customer experience through front, middle and back office processes. How are business services utilizing traditional Customer Experience (CX) tools - e.g. journey mapping, design thinking - to achieve a consistent and seamless experience across all of the touchpoints with both internal and external customers? How are business services partnering with internal customers to ensure the end-to-end process addresses external customer needs?

Suzanne Leopoldi-Nichols, President of Global Business Services at UPS

Suzanne Leopoldi-Nichols

President of Global Business Services

Rodney Bergman, SVP Global Business Services at Celestica

Rodney Bergman

SVP Global Business Services

Nicolas Heldmann, SVP, Digital Business Services at OpenText

Nicolas Heldmann

SVP, Digital Business Services

Teri Robinson, Managing Director at KPMG

Teri Robinson

Managing Director

Group 3


4:40 pm - 5:20 pm Transformative Change Management
A strong culture knows what the priorities and values are and lives by them. However, priorities and values sometimes need to change with the times. This can be even more challenging when you have a multifunction organization.

In this session, participants will:
• Examine ways to get buy-in from leadership and other teams to start the change process
• Explore structures and procedures needed to support the changes required
• Outline timelines and processes which are the most important when implementing change
Dan Melchior, VP - Global Enablement: Process & Capabilities at McCormick

Dan Melchior

VP - Global Enablement: Process & Capabilities


4:40 pm - 5:20 pm Moving Farther Along the Value Continuum: How to Grow Your SSO from Single to Multi-Function
As organizations become more complex the need to cross collaborate and leverage resources becomes even more important. This is especially true when evolving from a single function to a multi-function SSO.

In this session, participants will:
  • Explore ways to reduce complexity and respond faster through collaboration
  • Dissect ways to further distinguish between commodity and strategic services
  • Outline how to create economies of scale when developing new connections
Todd Blevins, VP, Shared Services at UL

Todd Blevins

VP, Shared Services


4:40 pm - 5:20 pm How to Drive Successful 10X Digital Transformation at Low Cost By Using Winning Ecosystems
Digital transformation is an opportunity of historic proportions in the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Unfortunately, tactical issues such as the lack of resources and time seem to get in the way of leaders who are determined to drive change. This gap between intent and action continues to be as wide as ever. Tony Saldanha, a change leader and author with over three decades of experience, shares practical guidance from having successful driven transformation at extremely low cost at Procter and Gamble’s best-in-class Global Business Services (GBS), among other Fortune 100 organizations. In this session participants will:

• Discover why digital transformations fail and what you can do about it
• Ensure that time and money are not on the critical path
• Review real-life success stories of 10X digital transformations in shared services
• Bridge the gap between successful pilot testing and deployment at scale
Tony Saldanha, Former VP IT & GBS at Procter & Gamble

Tony Saldanha

Former VP IT & GBS
Procter & Gamble


4:40 pm - 5:20 pm Making the Leap From Shared Services to Global Business Services
Many organizations are building their SSOs out, with the end goal of becoming a GBS organization. However, very few make it to full maturity. In this session, participants will:
  • Explore three stages of GBS evolution - from functional transactional excellence, to business service excellence, and to enterprise strategic enablement
  • Examine what capabilities make a GBS world-class
  • Outline how to successfully move your organizations from a mature SSO to a GBS
  • Evaluate the most recent challenges that face GBS organizations and how to overcome them

Victor Susman, Senior Director, GBS, Kimberly-Clark
Rolando Alvarez, Global Business Services Latin America Leader at Kimberly-Clark

Rolando Alvarez

Global Business Services Latin America Leader


4:40 pm - 5:20 pm What Piloting Machine Learning Means for Shared Services
When combined together, AI and RPA create machine learning that has the ability to boost efficiency, improve productivity, provide essential analytics, and free up human work-force time to focus on value-adding activities like analysis, planning and decision making. 
During this session, participants will: 
· Hear how machine learning is driving continuous optimization and reinvention in SSOs 
·         Understanding how to choose the right use-case and how it evolves
· Get an inside look at real world machine learning challenges and solutions
· Learn how to build the right governance that can deliver complex technology and data for machine learning solutions
· Discover the pitfalls in a multi-year initiative to bring a cognitive solution to light in your SSO
Jeff Springer, Manager, Procure to Pay Initiatives at Ascension Ministry Service Center

Jeff Springer

Manager, Procure to Pay Initiatives
Ascension Ministry Service Center


4:40 pm - 5:20 pm Boosting HR Shared Services Results with Data Analytics
AI is changing the way work is being designed, completed and thought about – from recruiting, to employee management, to redeployment, to payroll, and even retirement. It’s touching it all.
In this session, participants will:
• Explore how IA is and will change the way SSOs are looking at hireto-
• Examine what SSOs need to know now to prepare for the future
• Hear how to use algorithms to find, recruit, engage, hire and retain
talent better and faster than ever before
Tom Nesteruk, VP, HR Shared Services at AdventHealth

Tom Nesteruk

VP, HR Shared Services

5:25 pm - 5:55 pm PLENARY: 1300% Increase in Cyber Attacks: Leverage Shared Services to Protect Your Operation

A few years ago, cyber attacks were considered a ‘national emergency’. Not much has changed. Interestingly, the current administration suggested that shared services can be leveraged to help address some of the unique challenges faced by agencies, and communities that can lag behind in terms of cybersecurity capabilities. This plenary will explore strategies to improve cybersecurity in SSOs, what processes need to be in place, what data needs to be protected, how to create the infrastructure and foundation to protect it, how GDPR will change the way you are protecting your data, and strategies for avoiding fraud and phishing.
Ryan Loy, Chief Information Officer at EBSCO

Ryan Loy

Chief Information Officer

Global business services are put into place to help optimize E2E processes, create stronger frameworks and governance, deliver expanded value through multiple functional areas and enable speed and agility at scale. The model is proving successful for many, but for some centralized groups, the model is introducing greater organizational complexity without better performance. This panel will explore the reasons organizations have chosen to deconstruct their global business services or reconstruct them as pressures, drivers and needs have changed for their organization. Further discussion will be had on why and how the change is happening, and what the future value proposition and operating model is for GBS organizations.
Tony Padilla, Director, Enterprise Services & Integration at The Boeing Company

Tony Padilla

Director, Enterprise Services & Integration
The Boeing Company

Rodney Bergman, SVP Global Business Services at Celestica

Rodney Bergman

SVP Global Business Services

David Naismith, Senior Director, Strategy & Operations - Employee Services at Cisco

David Naismith

Senior Director, Strategy & Operations - Employee Services

Benjamin Greenberg, Director, Global Business Services at General Motors

Benjamin Greenberg

Director, Global Business Services
General Motors

Anita Karlsson-Dion, VP, Cognitive Processes at IBM

Anita Karlsson-Dion

VP, Cognitive Processes

Ginelle Julien, VP, Global Services Service Excellence and Experience at Johnson & Johnson

Ginelle Julien

VP, Global Services Service Excellence and Experience
Johnson & Johnson

6:35 pm - 7:35 pm SSOW Welcome Reception