10 Characteristics of the Top Performing HR Services Organizations

By: Kayla Ambrose

What performance characteristics will you leverage to excel your business?

The role of HRservices has made a huge transition from recruiting and managing talent to providing valuable analytical capabilities for framework development, value creation, and operational excellence, just to name a few. This significant transformation has developed the HR role into a critical service provider for a successful business..

HR departments provide services to the employees of their companies the same way a business provides services to their customers. Similar to customer services, HRservices not only want to satisfy their employees but make sure they’re consistently happy with their services. As an end result, companies experience a decrease in turnover, development of company culture, and an upgrade of the company as a whole.

An ideal practice to upgrade your HR services delivery is a model that leverages the process capabilities of a Center of Excellence, Shared Services Center, and different fields of HR distributed across different position levels. These different levels of support should provide strategic advice for executive leaders, advisory support for middle management, and administrative support where needed. The top performers who have implemented this tiered practice have not only developed their HR team, but also began to leverage technology in the process. This optimized framework and technology implementation allows you to improve your transactions, provide expertise where needed, and problem solve with ease allowing your company to focus on the more important things.

A report produced by the Shared Services & Outsourcing Network analyzes the top twenty-percent of HR services organizations to identify the characteristics they have in common. These insights come from six HR executives SSON interviewed about their operations, implementation strategies, and the results of their HR model developments. Some of these include utilizing an HR framework that leverages strengths and knowledge where needed, enabling technology and analytic capabilities for optimized processes, and developing a multifunctional leadership.

The paralleled characteristics these top performing HR services possess have elevated their competitive advantage. This upgrade in HR services has presented the opportunity to transform an organization for seamless end-to-end problem solving. This kind of transformation can optimize an entire company’s operations and push a business to be a part of the top performers.