Your Event Guide: SSOW 2020


This year the SSOW 2020 team has kept everything that you love about the event (site tours, workshops, speakers) and added new things you’re sure to  fall in love with!  



#SSOWomen was created by the women on our team who felt there needed to be a place of celebration for women in shared services. There are countless (and alarming) statistics and surveys that highlight the lack of female involvement and role models in the tech and shared services industry. Many women feel like they lack solid female mentors, and we know how instrumental mentors are for career growth. Without a way to gauge or envision what your path could look like five or ten years down the road, it’s difficult to advance in your field.

This year SSOW started the social campaign #SSOWomen to try and connect women with potential mentors. The program this year features an all-female breakfast where they can network, connect, and relate to each other about the pains and pressure points of what it means to be a woman in the tech and shared services industry in the modern day. There’s also the social campaign #standwithssowomen that attempts to connect women to mentors over social! Find out more about the social campaign here.



Another new feature is the CFO Boardroom – SSOW’s most exclusive event. This boardroom is a Chatham style, discussion based event where only the top level c-suite executives will attend. There, CFO’s will spend one hour discussing the current state of the industry, key trends they’ve noticed, and what exactly they think the future industry challenges are. Together, they will collaborate and prepare for the ever turbulent and ever changing field.



Are you a new company? This year SSOW is hosting the Start-Up Zone, a special campaign tailored for those who are in the early stages of their company. Special sessions and tracks are offered to start-ups, who have different needs and different goals than companies further on in their life cycle.

SSOW has a dedicated board of people who are start-up experts to meet you, offer advice, and mentor you through your busy business cycles.

There will also be a pitch competition! Six startups will present a two minute pitch to the advisory board who will ask hard questions and give you real time, actionable feedback.



We care. Shared Services & Outsourcing Week is partnering with multiple organizations this year under #SSONCares to give back to our community! #SSONCares will donate a portion of every attendee ticket sold to carbon offsetting projects. We will also have a donation area set up in our exhibit hall for anyone who wishes to go the extra mile for the environment. We’ll also be setting up a meditation station to show that we care about our attendees too! We are dedicating a portion of the SSOW Expo Hall to a be a place of peace and quiet, where you can drown out the buzz of the event, meditate, and have a moment of rest and relaxation. Learn more about #SSONCares here.



Every year Shared Services & Outsourcing Week features site tours, where a day will be dedicated to viewing and touring the shared service center of a major company. This year we already have four site tours announced, with two more coming very soon! AdventHealth Finance Shared Services, AdventHealth HR Shared Services, Cox Automotive, and Amgen. This is an exciting opportunity to see, firsthand, the transformational shared services journey of one of the country’s largest and fastest growing healthcare organizations, and the role of shared services in the role of a major company, real time.


What are you most excited for at Shared Services Week 2020