Top 6 Resources to Bring Your Process Mining to the Next Level

Process mining and improving business processes are important now more than ever. The increasing improvements within RPA and intelligent automation have kept process mining a key function in any modern organization. Keep reading to find out the top 6 resources to help you implement and take your process mining to the next level! 

The Essential Guide to Data Driven Business Operations:

If you’re unclear on what process mining is, and how it can be useful for your organization, this report is a great tool. It covers what top pain points process mining can overcome, and how process mining jumps one level beyond process discovery (where the majority of companies are at). It also covers how different industries can use process mining. Hint: it’s not just for finance! Retail and healthcare can reap these benefits too!

What Process Mining is and Why Companies Should Do It

The good old Harvard Business Review. This article was written by Thomas Davenport and Andrew Spanyi—between the two of them, they have about 40 years of experience in business processing. In their article, Davenport and Spanyi talk about how process mining is useful, and why your company should implement it. They discuss two main problems that process mining solves: the “as is” vs. the “will be” mindset and the lack of information between a process and the organization’s enterprise information system.

Most companies have little interest in improving their current processes, and are much more focused on the exciting “will be” new process that will cause the old to be irrelevant. The other problem process mining addresses is that it closes the information gap between enterprise information systems and the actual procedure that executes it.

Unleash the Value of Process Mining

This is the most interactive article on our list. The article is useful for those who are wondering what the exact and specific benefits of process mining are. We know that process mining can improve the speed and quality of business processes, but how does that translate into the whirlwind of day to day life? One of the most beneficial things about this article is that it lists out the traditional way that process discovery is executed (through in person interviews and meetings) and how process mining is largely an automated tool that cuts down on that timing. There are tons of videos and charts to help you understand where you are in the cycle, and what your next step is!

Process Mining FAQ

This article from Genpact addresses some of the frequently asked questions revolving around process mining. It’s true, that process mining is not new, but intelligent automation and RPA have increased its relevance and how it is conducted. The biggest thing to take away from this article is that you should not attempt to automate systems that are broken. If a process isn’t working, process mining and automation will not fix it. This is the most common mistake, according to this article, that people make when trying to improve their business processes.

How to Prepare Your Data for a Process Mining Project

If you’re beginning a project, and know that you need to synthesize data across multiple platforms, but don’t know where to start—you’re not alone. This article from Minit (a process mining provider) is helpful because it lists out which platforms can most commonly be synthesized together and in what file format. From CSV to Google Analytics Reports to Oracle and other platforms, this article is a handy way to get an idea of which processes you can start to improve, based on what platforms you use the most.

SSON Special Report: Process Mining

Perhaps the most in depth of the resources listed so far (we might be a little biased but it’s true J), SSON’s process mining report is the resource that can answer most of your process mining questions. Within this report, you can find an in-depth explanation of process mining, details on how exactly it’s executed, common pitfalls and road blocks to process mining, real life case studies from Uber and ABB, tips on utilizing process mining, data charts and reports, & much more. Perhaps the most useful and unique aspect of this report is the interview with Dr. Marcell Vollmer, a veteran when it comes to process automation, and his tips for “frictionless processing.” 

Let us know which article you found most helpful!