COVID-19 Updates

In light of the recent developments surrounding COVID-19, I wanted to provide you with some information leading up to the event, taking place just a few weeks from now.

Firstly, I want to stress that the show will go on! We are continuously monitoring what the CDC, WHO, and US Government has recommended and follow their advice. I want to assure you that our attendees’ health and well-being are our #1 priority and we do not take the current situation lightly, therefore there are several precautions and measures that we are and will undertake in these last weeks leading up to the event and onsite.

Please note the following precautionary and preventative measures are being taken to ensure the event environment is as healthy as possible:

  • Hand Sanitizer will be available throughout the expo hall and session rooms
  • Signage displaying best health and hygiene practices will be placed throughout the event
  • Venue staff will be sanitizing common areas frequently throughout the entirety of the event
  • Providing additional sanitizing wipes to exhibitors to clean their booth areas each night
  • Monitoring any new potential attendees for their location and adhering to Department of State travel restrictions
  • All attendees receive guidance consistently on sensible health practices for their reference

We are looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks. We may not shake your hand as you enter, but you’ll get an enthusiastic smile and our gratitude for your participation!


All current SSOW 2020 attendees were sent an email with the additional precautionary steps being taken regarding COVID-19. If you are signed-up to attend the event and didn’t receive the email, please email Geena Monaco at