March 23 - 26, 2020
Rosen Shingle Creek, Orlando, FL

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What to expect at SSOW 2019!

Review the agenda at a glance for the upcoming 23rd Shared Services & Outsourcing Week North America. Preview the exciting site tours, skill-building workshops, and networking opportunities you'll experience at SSOW 2019! Download you copy or email

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State of the Industry Report 2018

Dive into this SSON survey based report on the state of the shared services industry! Read more about how digital innovations are redefining the industry and expanding the scope of what is possible.

Shared Services Week Highlight Video!

Find out exactly what to expect at Shared Services and Outsourcing Week in our event highlight video! Get a taste of the experience SSOW provides and take a look inside the world's largest and longest running shared services event.

SSOW 2019 Current Attendee Snapshot

Review the Shared Services and Outsourcing Week 2019 Attendee Snapshot for a sneak peak at the of the networking opportunities you'll get to experience in Orlando come March! From finance, to process excellence, and IT SSOW has something to offer for all professionals.

SSON's Shared Services & Outsourcing Impact Awards Applications

What kind of impact have you made? Apply now for SSON's Shared Services & Outsourcing Impact Awards! Position yourself as a thought leader in the global industry of shared services. Claim bragging rights to the following honors:Automation Impact AwardBusiness ...

Continuous Improvement at SSOW

Take a glance at the continuous improvement focused content presented at the 23rd Annual Shared Services & Outsourcing Week! Learn how to continuously maximize your operations with sessions, workshops, and executive speakers at SSOW.To receive a copy in your inbox, please email ...

Intelligent Automation at SSOW

Enlighten your workforce with intelligent automation knowledge at Shared Services & Outsourcing Week! Engage in interactive discussions, workshops, and site tours exploring the intelligent automation landscape at SSOW to learn how to transform your operations.


HR has taken on a new role in the era of digital transformation. Access this informational one pager highlighting the many HR focused workshops, sessions, speakers, and site tours that will help upgrade your HR operations and improve your talent management SSOW.

Latin American Topics at SSOW

Access this informational piece for an overview of the Latin American global business services and outsourcing focused content offered at SSOW! Learn more about the shared services landscape in Latin America as well as cultural differences and opportunities.

Disruptive Tech at SSOW

Learn more about the disruptive technology speakers and topics at Shared Services & Outsourcing Week like blockchain, using chatbots in HR services, machine learning for shared services, and more!

SSON Calendar of Events

Access our Calendar of Events for an overview of all of our conferences! From finance to HR, SSON showcases exceptional events with industry leading keynotes, insightful content, and collaborative workshops with a goal of providing an incredible experience.

Insights From Onsite 2018 Part 1

Explore part one of the Insights from Onsite Report of SSOW 2018! A ...

2019 Attendee Profile Report

This report gives you an inside analysis of a cross-section of SSOW 2019 attendees, including their key challenges, solution priorities, and investment areas to help your business development efforts.

Insights From Onsite 2018 Part 2

The Insights From Onsite Report - Part Two has arrived! Download the report for a closer look at our 2018 attendee’s profile, solutions our attendees are seeking and much more!  If you would like to receive a copy to your inbox, email 

Convince Your Boss Letter

Need help getting approval to attend SSO Week? Customize this 'Convince Your Boss' letter, print it and share with your boss so that you can get the buy-in to attend the SS&O Week in March.

Download the 2019 SSOW Registration Form

Fast track your attendance with our 2019 Shared Services & Outsourcing registration form!  Fill out this registration form to speed up your attendance and email back to us at

Attendee ROI Toolkit

Your one-stop-shop for justifying your attendance to the 2018 Shared Services & Outsourcing Week. Packet includes benefits of attending, attendee snapshot, dear boss letter and registration form.

SSOW Media Kit

Review our media kit to learn about partnering with Shared Services & Outsourcing Week North America!

Whitepapers, Articles & Research

10 Characteristics of the Top Performing HR Services Organizations

HR services has transformed into a strategic role gaining new objectives likes managing and developing talent within the workforce. This report explains the new role HR has taken over and the different tools that can be utilized to play the role successfully. This report contains:An analysis of the top performing...

The Digital Workforce Influence on Shared Service Centers

Access this blog post courtesy of proud sponsor Direct Commerce on the digital workforce influence that has taken over shared services centers. Take a closer look into what the future holds for the digital workforce trend and how it will leverage shared services operations.

Upskilling Your Workforce For The New Shared Services

The role and value-add of Shared Services are constantly being redefined as both the internal and external enterprise environment continues to shift.Digitalization, demand for real-time data, and more recently, automation, are combining to pressurize Shared Services to react and adapt. Forward-thinking leaders are looking ahead already, so that they can...

Millennial Disruption on Authentication Landscape

According to a recent study by IBM, people are now prioritizing security over convenience when it comes to logging into applications and devices. Access this report to review the generational difference between traditional login methods and biometric security. To receive a copy of this in your inbox, please email

How Data Can Drive Your Decisions

Data analytics management has been highlighted as key role in shared services improvement strategies. This article explores the capabilities, tips on managing data successfully, and how proper data management can help excel your operations. To receive a copy, please email

How SSCs Can Drive More Value with Data Analytics

Value-added trends, such as data analytics, are slowly emerging as a key tool to optimize shared services centers. Access this article to learn more about the value-added trend, data analytics processes, how to manage it wisely, and how other enterprises are implementing it for process improvement. To receive a copy...

RPA for All: IT, Users, & the Enterprise

Check out this article courtesy of proud sponsor Artsyl Technologies discussing the myths and true benefits of RPA. Learn more a out how RPA can boost your operations without taking over the human workforce.

Global IA Market Report 2018

Review this in-depth market report with insights into how you can utilize IA as leverage for a successful digital transformation. Learn more about the proper steps to take and objectives to set to help excel you digital transformation process. To receive a copy in your inbox, please email

CX is the New Black

Your business surrounds customer experience! Learn more about the strategies that will properly train, equip, and empower your CX services to improve your entire operations process and effectively enhance your business. To receive a copy in your inbox, please email

DART Report: U.S. Shared Services Landscape

This comprehensive report takes an in-depth look at the war for talent in the U.S. shared services market. Take a look inside to gain insight to the locations of every shared service center in the United States, new data on talent availability, average salary increases and decreases, job market competitiveness...

Embracing automation: The EY Global Story

Just over a year ago, EY took the first steps in our intelligent automation journey, with three proof of concepts, and today we have over 500 internal processes automated that help improve customer experience, quality of services and efficiency. The initiative was sponsored by EY Global leadership, and led to...

Demystifying Fractal Science in Cognitive Automation

Re-imagine IT with this article from our proud sponsor Antworks! Review this article for industry insights into creating solutions with the help of machine learning and cognitive automation.

CFO Report: A Path to Finance Transformation

This report cuts through the hype and provides insight on how to put together your finance transformation journey. Including top benchmarks to follow, enablers to finance transformation, a case study and more, this "CFO Playbook" contains the top information needed for successful finance transformation. To receive a copy, email

5 Tips for SSO Leaders to Drive Customer Experience

The most successful Shared Services organizations have open, honest, and mutually supportive relationships with their customers.Good customer experience can help drive your SSC up the maturity curve, increase productivity and collaboration and retain talent, so how do you go about it?Here are five simple and straightforward tips on how to...

Interactive Report: Millennial Talent, Digital Disruption and Customer Experience

Blending Q4 2017 data from 100+ North American Shared Services Centres, this report dives into the key themes of the upcoming 22nd North American Shared Services & Outsourcing Week 2018. Flip through to find out more on Millennial Talent, Digital Disruption and Customer Experience in North America Shared Services Organizations...

Why Shared Services’ Role is a Proof of Concept for Blockchain

For many SSOs, blockchain is still considered another “revolutionary” head-turning technology that is relegated as something that’s nice to know but not like to have, considering most are still focused on the last big new thing like RPA. But according to experts, Shared Services professionals will need to adopt a...

Thinking About Globalizing Payroll?

We live in an age of globalizations with organizations increasingly reviewing their global options for shared services and outsourcing. But because of its high visibility and sensitive nature, payroll is often one of the last functions to be considered. Yet if you´re brave enough, globalizing payroll can result in huge...

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Be the first to secure exclusive sponsorship and exhibition opportunities through Thought Leadership Sessions, Benchmarking Workshops, Innovation Think Tanks, Interactive Discussion Groups and more. Download the Solution Providers Guide to see how you can get involved today!To request a copy, email us at

Top Automation Priorities Report

Enlighten the workforce with your automation solution at Shared Services & Outsourcing Week! Check out the Report to see where our attendees are investing and who they are. Lead interactive discussions, workshops, and tracks exploring the intelligent automation landscape at SSOW to eager buyers.For copy via email, contact

Top FinTech Priorities Report

Enlighten the workforce with your financial technology solution at Shared Services & Outsourcing Week! Check out the Report to see where our attendees are investing and who they are. Lead interactive discussions, workshops, and tracks exploring at SSOW to eager buyers.For copy via email, contact

Top HR Investment Report

Enlighten the workforce with your HR technology and solution at Shared Services & Outsourcing Week! Check out the Report to see where our attendees are investing and who they are. Lead interactive discussions, workshops, and tracks exploring the HR landscape at SSOW to eager buyers.For copy via email, contact

2018 Presentations

2018 HR Shared Services Presentation Packet

Enjoy 3 case studies on how leading-edge companies are leveraging HR shared services to transform HR delivery:TEN INSIGHTS FROM A GLOBAL HR TRANSFORMATION by Zach Wemple, Vice President, Human Resources, Evoqua Water TechnologiesCREATING A SEAMLESS EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCE by Mehdi Bhagat, HR Services Centre Lead Americas, MicrosoftTIPPING THE SCALE: HOW TO...

2018 RPA in Shared Services and GBS Presentation Packet

4 case studies on how real-world shared services and GBS leaders are reaching new heights of efficiency and performance with RPA, Intelligent Automation and Artificial Intelligence: HOW INTELLIGENT AUTOMATION TURNS SHARED SERVICES INTO A REVENUE VEHICLE FOR THE BUSINESS by Mel Steals, SVP - Strategic Planning and Analysis - Treasury,...

The SSC’s Place in Driving Working Capital

There is no quicker way to get C-Suite attention then by generating cold hard cash, and the good news is there are so many ways to do it! This session talks through some tried and tested methods to improve cash flow:Generating cash through earlier payments: How can you negotiate with...

Moving From Concept to Scale and Navigating the Associated Challenges

From our GBS Vision track, Daniel A. Mahlebashian, Executive Director, Global Business Services, General Motors Corp. discuss how his team has leveraged RPA in GBS. Key points include:The technology is proven, proof of concepts completed – what’s the next major hurdle?How to bring the technology to scale: Buy vs. build...

Masterclass: Global Process Owner for 2018 & Beyond

Learn how to use the GPO model to provide end-to-end services and continuously improve. Master how to drive process excellence globally. Understand the Importance of Process Excellence and grasp Global StandardizationPresentation by John Sparks, Senior Director, Shared Service Operations & Implementation, World Vision International

Visibility, Compliance and Control: Creating Measurable Value through Reconciliation

Reconciliations play a vital role to the overall financial statement close process. Improperly done they can lead to errors and open you up to risk. However, properly managed they can result in unexpected value that stretches well beyond the SSC. In this presentation, Mandy Strider, Director, Accounting, Interstate Hotels (Hosted...

Fast-Track to Value: Creating a Commercial GBS with GE

How do you add value back to your enterprise in a sustainable way? How can you make a lasting impact? For GE the answer comes through their commercial SSC. Stepping away from traditional transactional activities GE’s GBS is focused on actionable insights and growth; delivering cash, revenue generation and even...

Could You Get from Zero to GBS in 3 Years?

Unlike the incremental approach that companies have traditionally taken to shared services, there are a number of intrepid firms going straight to GBS. In this presentation, Chris McCann, Director, Global Business Services Strategy and Enablement, at Bose Corporation, shares their bold transformation; why they chose this route, the blueprint and...

Excelling in an SSC with 90% Millennials

Millennials already form over 50% of the workforce, but at Bacardi SSC its 90% which incidentally is exactly the target population for their products. To harness the skills of this demographic they have created a series of very successful initiatives including mentoring programs, branding, rising stars and an aggressive work-life...

Adding Value to the C-Suite

There are many ways your shared services can add value back to the board. As you move beyond cost-saving, it’s vital you explore these to keep driving your shared services forward. In this presentation, Steve Ellis, Senior Director of Shared Services, at Dana Incorporated, examines their SSO Journey evolving from...

Digital Disruption and the Next Generation of Shared Services

Imagine how your CEO would react if you delivered true business value and digital transformation without requesting an increase in your budget? This is exactly what P&G is doing. As part of its ongoing commitment to continue taking shared services to the next level, P&G now is on a transformational...

What is The Roadmap to Success for Greater Alignment with Customers of Finance

Process redesign is not for the faint of heart. It takes time, guts and drive to change something that is often entrenched in company history. What are some key areas to think of when undergoing an end-to-end transformation within the Customer-To-Cash and FP&A functions. In this presentation, Daniel Willoughby, Director,...

What’s in Your Value - Added Service Catalogue?

Pricing, Sales, Marketing, Treasury, Risk; there are a wealth of innovative activities being integrated into shared service centers. In this presentation,Chet Chambers, Senior Director, Innovation, HP, examines a few of the most innovative service catalogues around and looks at:What are the most exciting activities being added into the SSCService-depth: What...

Women in Shared Services: Shared Services and Your Career

Facts & Figures from our 2018 Women in Shared Services Workshop. Check out this overview of where women stand in the shared services workforce in terms of demographics, leadership trajectories and key challenges.

Women in Shared Services Video Presentation

Video version of our 2018 Women in Shared Services Workshop presentation. Outlines the current state of women leadership in shared services.

The 2018 Coca-Cola HR SSC Site Tour: What You Missed

Check out this presentation from the 2018 tour of Coca-Cola's HR Shared Services Center to learn more about the history, structure, growth and future of their cutting edge SSC.

Coca-Cola's Cutting Edge SSC: A Video Overview

The video version of their 2018 Site Tour presentation that outline the origin, organization structure and evolution of their world-class HR Shared Services Center.

Applying the Lessons of Amazon Customer Experience to Shared Services

Do you need to delight every customer or is fast and easy to deal with enough? Finding the right level and creating a culture that can deliver it is vital. Watch this session from the 2018 SSOW to hear best practices from Matt Willden, Customer Experience Leader, Amazon for:Ensuring your...

New Content!

Shared Services in North America 2019: Workforce Strategies, GBS Objectives & Key Measures of Success

This interactive report analyses the Shared Services landscape in North America to provide insights on workforce strategies, top skill development priorities, popular tools & technologies for investments, objectives for Global Business Services (GBS), and key measures of success. 6 reports in one, gain rich, in-depth information on:Comparing popular workforce strategies...

State of the Latin American Shared Services Center

Learn more about the Latin American shared services landscape with this info-graphic highlighting the state of the industry such as the countries implementing operations, how they are being leveraged, their GBS objectives, and more! To receive a copy in your inbox, please email

How to Solve a Toxic Workplace

Not sure how to define your work culture? Need tips to improve your office environment?In this report you'll learn:Characteristics of a toxic work culture Strategies to improve your company's environment Tips in improving employee/management relationships

North American State of the Shared Services Market Report 2019

Access the North American State of the Shared Services Market Report 2019 to learn about the trends and opportunities the occurring in the industry. Review the data and analytics provided by the top shared services leaders for insights into Shared Services. To receive a copy via email, please email

Key Takeaways of SSOW 2019

Shared Services & Outsourcing Week Chairmen Brad DeMent highlights the key takeaways from SSOW 2019! Review his presentation for an overview of the prime content from SSOW 2019 like statistics, quotes, and the most important things to keep in mind as you progress your shared services operations. For a copy...

Deciding Where You Fall on the SSC Analytics Maturity Curve

Are you sitting on a wealth of business insights? Shared services and GBS organizations of all sizes and structures are ideally situated to collect a treasure trove of organizational data. From insights related to the end-to-end employee lifecycle to business process management to IT usage, the opportunities for SSOs to...

Four Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Impact the Workplace and Society

It is a common fear that AI is going to takeover people's jobs - but will it? Regardless of your job title, AI will most likely be adopted by your business and creep into your work. Be prepared for the possibilities that AI has to offer and read to understand...

Next Generation Shared Services Delivery Model

The standardization of shared services models has increased the importance of advancing future shared services processes. This article reviews Bureau Veritas’s Mumbai-based Global SSC and how they take on the next generation of shared services delivery models. Download this article to learn more about the synergies and business intelligence that support...

What Do Customers Want: BPO in the Age of Digitalization

Business process outsourcing has provided a business optimization opportunity for the shared services industry. SSON surveyed hundreds of shared services industry professionals reporting their challenges, opportunities, and other thoughts on BPO to present the horizon for shared services optimization. This report contains:Key priorities of BPO providersRisks facing the industryThe advantages...

Industry Insights

Industry Insights with Infosys BPM

We sat down with SSOW sponsor Infosys BPM to discuss the state of the BPO industry and the obstacles facing the industry in the age of digital disruption. Learn more about how you can excel in your digital transformation.

Industry Insights with Trintech

Hear from Financial Corporate Performance Management software company Trintech about their insight on digital transformation in the finance sector. Learn more about the challenges they see facing the finance industry and how their solutions can support digital transformation.

Industry Insights with Serrala

We interviewed the CEO of Serrala to hear about his insights on the state of the industry during the era of digitalization. Access this article for more details on how the digital transformation is effecting the finance industry.

Attendee Pathways

Finance & Accounting Attendee Pathway

Looking to optimize your F&A processes in the areas of record-to-report, financial close, automation, data analytics, M&A, working capital? With 100+ presentations and educational activities to choose from, how do you know which sessions to attend? We at SSOW have done the leg work for you with our Finance &...

HR Attendee Pathway

With 100+ presentations and educational activities to choose from, how do you know which sessions to attend? We at SSOW have done the leg work for you with our HR Attendee Pathway: a one-page, event roadmap that highlights the F&A-specific sessions that will equip you with the knowledge and tools...

Shared Services 101 Attendee Pathway

New to shared services? With 100+ presentations and educational activities to choose from, how do you know which sessions to attend? We at SSOW have done the leg work for you with our Shared Services 101 Pathway: a one-page, event roadmap that showcases our sessions that will equip you with...