How Agile HR is Supporting Innovations Around the Future of Work

How Agile HR is Supporting Innovations Around the Future of Work

Both employees and employers must be in support of Agile HR technology in order for it to be integrated properly. Agile HR technology is ultimately about people. The best time to implement tech such as this is as soon as you can. Clare Dickenson from Sunlife, tells SSON all about how her company prioritizes people and uses Agile HR tech to improve employee experience. In this report Clare outline how to implement new process and technology into your company today. As the leader of Global HR Shared Services, Clare is responsible for Sun Life's Global Digital HR Roadmap as well as HR Services Delivery, administration and payroll. A role offered Clare the opportunity to rethink Sun Life’s HR vision and model. 

Grab the report and learn:

  • How Agile HR must be rolled out in small and incremental changes
  • That deploying Agile in support of a holistic product experience is important
  • How exactly does Agile work?
  • How to get started with Agile implementation
  • How a new best practice HR model supports powerful performance

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