Upskilling Your Workforce For The New Shared Services

Upskilling Your Workforce For The New Shared Services

The role and value-add of Shared Services are constantly being redefined as both the internal and external enterprise environment continues to shift.

Digitalization, demand for real-time data, and more recently, automation, are combining to pressurize Shared Services to react and adapt. Forward-thinking leaders are looking ahead already, so that they can meet the demands of tomorrow, and hit the ground running.

The turning point for this new-and-improved approach hinges on empowered employees that can solve problems on their own. But given the significantly different type of work that will increasingly be asked of Shared Services, one of the stumbling blocks is making sure employees have the competencies to meet these new demands.

Traditional skillsets won’t suffice to offer the value-add that today’s business customers need to stay ahead. The challenge, therefore, is to identify the new skills needed to problem-solve, and then figure out how to resource and ‘teach’ them.

In this report by SSON, we take tackle these 3 questions:

  • What are the biggest skills gaps? 
  • How do you train managers to be better leaders?
  • How are leading-edge companies developing next generation skillsets in SSC employees?

Also includes data from our 2018 SSON’s State of the Shared Services & Outsourcing Industry Survey.

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