O2C Function with Process Harmonization & Agility

For decades, shared services and global business services (GBS) organizations have focused on delivering value through their cost-saving abilities. But with 2021 turning out to be the biggest year of change for every industry and with capital in excess of 16 trillion dollars already swiped from the world economy, the growth agenda is firmly back on the table. GBS and Shared Services leaders across the world are going all-in on harmonizing their global order to cash processes to move beyond the tribal knowledge and build an agile workforce. And all of this for one single goal that is creating a net positive working capital impact. Join this discussion to hear from global business leaders from across the industries, sharing their thoughts and real-world use cases on:

  • Evolving a novel operating model with end-to-end O2C platforms & agile processes
  • Eliminating process silos by ensuring greater visibility for global controls & governance
  • Digital methods of lowering DSO, reducing bad debt, mitigating credit risk & improving deductions to create a working capital impact
  • Eliminating working capital bottlenecks by gaining global visibility of the O2C health with real-time analytics
  • Moving beyond RPA and preventing revenue leakages with AI