The StartUp Zone

Disruption is accelerating. Businesses are looking for ideas to accelerate the benefits from Global Business Services. Fortunately, startups are continuing to furiously innovate and are looking for clients. SSON is in a unique position to get the best of the best startups, hundreds of blue chip clients and the best thinking on transformation all together.

What Is The Startup Zone?

The Startup Zone is a dedicated networking, exhibition space and content program at Shared Services & Outsourcing Week specifically designed for early and growth-stage Business Services Startups to showcase emerging tech, solutions and thought leadership. At the Startup Zone, we connect digital disruptors with enterprise shared services and global business services leaders, technology providers, consultants, investors, incubators, and many others, to collaborate on blue sky thinking that will drive business transformation in the 4IR.

Presenting the Advisory Board

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Why Sponsor?

The Startup Zone at SSOW will feature new companies offering niche service where artificial intelligence, user experience, and agility are critical differentiators. These startups bring immeasurable value to attendees looking for innovative solutions to drive improved customer service and experience, and that are keen to gain an 'early adopter' edge over their competition.

As a Startup Zone sponsor, you'll have the opportunity to showcase your product to more than 800 enterprise leaders, participate in thought leadership and join exclusive networking opportunities. In addition, you will receive pre -conference feedback from enterprise attendees on their top challenges and opportunities when working with startups. Our StartUp Zone Advisory Board will offer coaching sessions to help craft your perfect message and set you up for a successful onsite experience.

Enterprises are eager to hear from you. They wish to understand; the steps to effective startup/enterprise collaboration, how startups can speed up enterprise innovation, the opportunity for 10X results in process improvement, how to achieve an agile culture, how to leverage startups speed, agility and nimbleness through digital transformation, how to overcome risk sensitivity, and what new products and solutions exist to improve the customer experience, and move shared services beyond the ongoing equity of cost and value creation. As a sponsor, you have the opportunity to join discussions built around these key topics and even sponsor a speaking session of your own.

A snapshot of startup solution categories include: Robotics, AI, Intelligent Automation, machine learning, intelligent optical character recognition (IOCR), chatbots, document management, data analytics, workforce management, loan processing, blockchain, data management, employee engagement and performance, operational excellence, T&E, natural-language generation (NLG), talent identification, workforce management, the future of work, and many others.

Why Attend As An Enterprise Shared Services Leader? THE PROGRAM!

In addition to a special networking and exhibition in the main hall where you will have a chance to demo the most innovative technologies to drive your business forward, we're dedicating exclusive program content to help you most effectively with startups. Look out for our Startup 101 workshop, brand new "startup storytelling" track, interactive discussion groups, and more. Further, we will be surveying more than 800 attendees to uncover top enterprise challenges when it comes to startup success and featuring solutions to these problems onsite at SSOW.

Why SSON Is So Excited For The Launch Of The Startup Zone

Because it matters so much to you and the survival of your SSO. Every company is undergoing a digital transformation and must be aware of the latest thinking, emerging technology and innovative vendors that can help run SSOs better, faster, cheaper, and smarter. Similarly, for business services startups, they must be equipped with the knowledge and tools to effectively work with enterprises. While the opportunities are endless, the struggle is real. We're here to help. For the past 20+ years, SSOW has supported the interests of shared services leaders and supporting partners globally, helping the community scale their centers, create value and drive business transformation. We are thrilled to leverage our community and build this space for innovation to happen.