Celebrating Women in the Shared Services Industry!

This year SSOW2020 is celebrating women in business! We are hosting a set of event tracks specifically tailored for discussing key interests for women.

"Your value will not be in what you know; it will be in what you share." 
-Ginni Rometty, CEO, IBM 


  • Listen to female speakers such as Stephanie Sonnabend, Co-Founder, & Chair Women on Boards
  • #SSOWomen breakfast (limited seating available) 
  • Masterclasses promoting diversity, inclusion, work-life balance, and mentor-ship

Stand with #SSOWomen

We’re asking women to record a quick ten second selfie video clip answering the question: “What’s one piece of advice you would give to a woman starting in your field?” You can send the video to me at carson.bunting@iqpc.com, I’ll edit the video, and send it back for you to post on Linkedin using the hashtag #SSOWomen. If you could tag us that would be great as well.

The video response should be a sentence or two and should take less than a minute to film!

There are a couple ways we can get the video--whichever one is easiest for you is best for us:

  •          You can record a selfie video, send me the raw video to edit, and then I’ll send back to you to post
  •          We can facetime, and I’ll screen record, edit and just send you the final video to post
  •          We can skype and I’ll screen record and send it to you after edits
  •          If you’re in the NYC area I’m happy to meet you in person and take the video of you as well

Text Participation

Twitter/Linkedin/Facebook Text:

·         “For all my women in tech out there: Five years ago, is this career/role what you envisioned? #SSOWomen”

·         “For all my women in tech out there: What do you think is the biggest challenge that women currently face in the workplace?  #SSOWomen”

·         “For all my women in tech out there: How do you view/handle failure in the workplace? #SSOWomen”

·         “For all my women in tech out there: How do you go about encouraging innovative ideas in your workplace?  #SSOWomen”

·         “For all my women in tech out there: What is the most important career advice you’ve gotten in the last 10 years? #SSOWomen”

·         “For all my women in tech out there: Have you had any female mentors in your career and if so, what wisdom did she impart? And feel free to give that person a shout out!  #SSOWomen”

·         “For all my women in tech out there: What, if anything, do you and/or your SSO currently do to foster female empowerment in the workplace? #SSOWomen”

Video Examples: