Past Presentations

A Collection of Past Presentations from SSOW Canada 2018

In preparation for SSOW Canada 2019, we wanted to exclusively share these past presentations with you. Below you will find expert content on:

  • Utilizing Technology to Streamline the AP Process: Greg Allworth, Director of Sales, Canada - Chrome River; Shelley Coughlin, Sr. Solutions Consultant, Chrome River
  • Case Study: Winning Factors of New Brunswick Internal Services Agency & its Further Evolution: Monica Ward, Director, Payroll and Benefits Services, Service New Brunswick
  • Driving Shared Services Transformation using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Neeraj Grotra, Sr. Director PMO, Digital Transformation Programs, Finastra
  • Case Study: Harnessing Process Automation to Drive Business Efficiencies & Improve Customer Satisfaction: Vinh Lien, CPA, CA, MBA, Finance Director, Enghouse

Utilizing Technology to Streamline the AP Process

AP is where several processes all converge - Invoices, Expenses, and Corporate Card Programs. All of these processes tend to be different, labour intensive and manual.

Greg Allworth, Director of Sales, Canada - Chrome River, and Shelley Coughlin, Sr. Solutions Consultant, Chrome River, present on:

  • How organizations can utilize cloud based and mobile technology to automate these processes
  • What are the benefits from a workload, compliance, visibility and reporting perspective?
  • Where are the pitfalls that should be avoided?

Case Study: Winning Factors of New Brunswick Internal Services Agency

Monica Ward, Director, Payroll and Benefits Services, Service New Brunswick, presents on:

  • How they developed a winning business case for project implementation
  • The importance of project management
  • Lessons learned including what went well and what did not
  • The winning achievements

Driving Shared Services Transformation Using Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

According to a recent Forrester survey, 87% of CEOs are looking to expand or augment their existing workforce using AI bots, while by 2023, 85% of customer interactions within an enterprise will be with software robots.

Neeraj Grotra, Sr. Director PMO, Digital Transformation Programs, Finastra, presents on driving shared services transformation.

Case Study: Harnessing Process Automation to Drive Business Efficiencies

Vinh Lien, CPA, CA, MBA, Finance Director, Enghouse, presents on how their organization successfully transformed its back office functions—moving from a 100% manual process to automating its workflow, resulting in more accurate, timely reconciliations and huge cost savings in paper, storage and server costs.

You'll also learn about:

  • Integration and implementation process
  • How much was saved through overall efficiency gains
  • The importance of choosing a model that can grow with your business
  • How automating the workflow enabled them to move FT employees to more project specific role

Does Your Process Documentation Pass the Test?

Camille Reid, Vice President, Financial and Employee Services for BC Clinical and Support Services, discusses a case study on achieving end-to-end process excellence through proper mapping and documentation at the Canadian Shared Services & Outsourcing Week summit.

CASE STUDY: Saving Lives & Shared Services- Lessons Learned from Canadian Blood Services

Canadian Blood Services launched its first shared services organization in April 2016, integrating HR, finance, and payroll functions from across the organization, which was a signifcant strategic change for the organization. Robert Phillips, Director of Shared Services for Canadian Blood Services shares:

  • Why shared services was a strategic priority for Canadian Blood Services, and how it aligns with broader organizational changes, and how it enables the organization’s mandate as Canada’s national blood supply. 
  • The difference between centralized services and shared services: why did bringing a number of diferent teams together under one umbrella organization make a diference?
  • Lessons learned from their first year—what went well, what still needs work, and what they would have done differently
  • Next steps as the team transitions from stabilization to ongoing operations. 

How Continuous Innovation in Shared Services Can Drive Value for the Enterprise

In any organization, innovation goes hand-in-hand with getting better, whatever ‘better’ means to you. People innovate! If you enable them, they will deliver. This presentation provides an overview of the key ingredients for establishing a culture of innovation, including how to align innovation with strategy and establishing programs that engage employees and build organizational capability. Bryan Tai, Strategy Lead of Enterprise Services, Transformation and Operations at IBM shares:

  • A proactive approach to innovation—it’s better to “beg for forgiveness than to ask for permission” if you’re serious about improving
  • The relationship between human capital and innovation: how do you enable your people?
  • How to defne practices and develop organizational capability

Developing a Business and I&IT Architecture & Reference Model

As Part of Your Comprehensive Shared Services Implementation Strategy, Roman Zydownyk from RCSG Inc. Consulting Services, discusses the status of SSO in his organization, key lessons & shared services 1.0 to 2.0, considerations when moving to a shared services model: transitioning through the stages and establishing scope. Also integrating business services with back office functions, and a case study of the Financial Services Commission of Ontario.

Finance Transformation Business Casing: How to Survive a CFO Review

Brian Chan discusses the framework for project, program and change management from the ideation stage through to execution and the post-investment review in this past presentation.

Employees: Your Greatest Asset or Your Biggest Risk?

Dennis Dodo, CPA, MBA, and Vice President - Shared Financial Services at Ontario Power Generation, divulges the considerations his organization undertook when implementing a shared services model: single or multi-function? He also discusses their steps toward the approach: Centralize, Consolidate, Assess Risk, Mitigate and Assess Results.

How to Jumpstart your SSO Journey with a Compelling and Data-Driven Business Case

Tony Sayer, VP Assistant Corporate Controller Shared Services at Parker Hannifin Corporation, discusses in his presentation overcoming roadblocks once you’ve embarked on a compelling and data-driven business case journey to jumpstart your Shared Services & Outsourcing center (SSO). As well as developing the strategy for a shared services model, examples of a case study on how to implement, and dealing with the inevitable "Noise."

Financial Master Data Management for Shared Services

Charanjit Singh, VP Shared Financial Services at Ontario Power Generation, speaks about the Enterprise Systems Consolidation Project, making a case for master data management, research and best practice findings, roadmap in the short and long-term, the MDM data ownership matrix, current solution for finance master data, implementation examples and more on lessons learned & best practices.

Managing Third-Party Relationships as Part of a Multi-Provider Portfolio

Enterprise as an Ecosphere—Given the increasing levels of connectivity that characterize business in the 21st century, the corresponding scale and complexity of service have also grown, with many organizations moving towards a multi-sourcing solution. But with more sourcing options, come greater responsibility; Dhruv Devnani, Director of Business Processing Services at Manulife Financial, discussed at the Canadian Shared Services Summit:

  • How to develop a robust Vendor Management Program that includes policies, organization, governance processes, and tools
  • Bench marking Service Level Agreements and developing service improvement action plans
  • Risk mitigation
  • Effective cross-vendor governance and cooperation
  • Transitioning sourcing relationships