A Look Into The Future Of The Shared Services Industry

A Look Into The Future Of The Shared Services Industry

In order to prepare for tomorrow, it is important to understand where the industry sits today. Many members of our community are using this time to reflect on their organization’s current situation in order to know what their next move should, and will, be. The Shared Services team collected information from practitioners in our network to identify their tops needs at the moment and learn where they see the industry moving forward so that our partners can showcase their solutions to help practitioners meet their goals.

Questions asked include:

  • What is currently limiting your ability to deliver services?
  • What are the most important benefits of shared services to your enterprise?
  • What impact do you believe COVID-19 will have on global business services delivery models?
  • If you have (or plan to have) a GBS, what are your main objectives for it in the next 5 years?
  • And more...

Access the piece or request a copy sent straight to your email here to read about what the future holds for the shared services industry.

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