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Shared Services as the Digital Transformation Engine 

Rethink, Reimagine, Reset

Successfully cracking back office transactional processing is almost table stakes these days for shared services and GBS organisations. However, leaders who can improve end-to-end workflow; harness the power of data insights; embrace the rapid rate of technology, bots and AI; and grasp the future of work - with talent and people at heart of everything - will be on the right path to leverage shared services as an engine for digital transformation. During this 2-day digital summit, shared services leaders will be guided to rethink, reimagine and reset service delivery strategy.

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Wednesday, 8 July 2020

9:00 AM – 9:45 AM (AEDT)
COVID-19 and Impact on Shared Services: Tackling BCP & Re-Entry    
For the past two months, global economies have been roiled by the effective shutdown imposed on business operations - both as a result of offices being closed as well as supply chains interrupted. So, with Shared Services operating at the heart of enterprise, how well is the model managing to maintain operations? The primary challenge for Shared Services across APAC is around people issues - managing a suddenly remote and disparate workforce and looking after the mental and physical state of employees. Of course, limitations around systems bandwidth, infrastructure and networks are all still critical concerns across the region. 

During this session, we explore one companies' journey through COVID-19, their BCP strategy and how are they preparing for re-entry as business normalizes itself. RETHINK your operating model for enhanced business performance, employee impact, and sustainable cost and performance improvement.

    • Service delivery risks in a work from home model (equipment, infrastructure, staff state of mind)
    • How to make your plan fluid in order to prepare for ‘waves’ of change around the globe
    • How do you transfer the outcomes into operational changes once business as usual state is restored 
    • Navigate re-entry challenges and opportunities

10:00 AM – 10:45 AM (AEDT)
Customer Experience is the New Black: How Fonterra Designed Service Management with the User and Customer at its Heart 
In the quest to design a one stop shop case management platform with customer experience at its heart, the Fonterra GBS team took a holistic approach to build a single tool to utilise across multiple functions. During this session, attendees will learn about their journey towards creating a tool modeled after an online shopping experience with features such as suggested resources based on historical views and user profiles. Attend this session and RETHINK how CX translates to more value for the customer and internal employee.

    • Rethink your strategy to ensure service delivery is created with the user and customer experience in mind
    • Translate case management analytics into insights 
    • Recognise the differences between managing tickets vs optimising workflow
Speaker: Jamie Taylor, General Manager - GBS, Fonterra

11:00 AM – 11:45 AM (AEDT)
Goldfish or Shark...How Do You Use Your Data... 
Decades of transactional processing experience tells us that the cleaner, the more structured and the more standardised the data, the easier it will be for GBS/SSO organisations to move up the value curve, execute on real-time insights, and leverage powerful analytics to support optimised decision-making at the front end of the business. If SSO/GBS organisations truly want a seat at the table to support strategy, they must show how the back ends of processes connect with the front end of business. In this session attendees will learn how to REIMAGINE the potential of data analytics to:

    • Harness data, both master and transactional, to enact digital change from top to bottom
    • Connect the data harnessed and captured in processes to support forward-looking thinking
Speaker: Ross Mackay, Group Head of GSS and Finance Process Optimisation, International SOS

12:00 PM - 12:45 PM (AEDT)
From Procurement to Payment in Less Than 24 Hours! How Pāmu Transformed Procurement With a Digital-First Purchase-to-Pay Approach - a Fireside Chat 

In tough times, when remote working is becoming increasingly the norm, business needs to carry on as usual: but that's only possible with the right technology and processes. This is the true story of how a digital-first, mobile-enabled approach to finance changed Pāmu’s approach to finance and procurement for the better.

During this session, find out how New Zealand's world-class agriculture leader Pāmu (Landcorp Farming Limited) managed to turn farmers into compliant purchasers using a mobile-first strategy that allows remote users to do what they do, every single day, and keep the business flowing smoothly.

This fireside chat session with a finance leader, procurement expert, and a software change-maker will inspire you to RETHINK your current strategy. Use this real-life example to change the way you get and keep remote teams working, no matter where they are in the world and under which circumstances and improve efficiency, effectiveness and customer satisfaction at the same time.

Benjamin Butt, Senior Procurement Advisor, Pāmu Farms of New Zealand 
Peter Franklin, Financial Controller, Pāmu Farms of New Zealand
Michael Pyliotis VP, APAC, Basware

    1:00 PM -1:45 PM (AEDT)
    From Transactional to Strategic: Shared Services' Significant Role in Driving Enterprise Transformation  
    Today’s enterprises are targeting digital transformation to remain competitive, viable, and successful in an increasingly digitalised marketplace. Skill sets are shifting to automation and analytics, and the focus is less on siloed expertise than on broadly integrated capabilities. Automation is becoming everyone’s responsibility. During this session, attendees will learn how to REIMAGINE service delivery by understanding the nature of industry transformation and developing innovative solutions and insights within Shared Services to fuel the digital transformation engine.

      • Understand what your business needs to know now, and generate the right data and insights from the SSO
      • Cultivate the “right” mindset and skillset that support enterprise digital transformation  
      • Take a laser focus on hiring employees with different backgrounds who can help leverage the incredible insights from shared services and use them to propel new growth opportunities for the business  
    Speaker: Susheel Tanwar, Head of Finance, Kmart Group Asia

      Thursday, 9 July 2020

      9:00 AM – 9:45 AM (AEDT)
      The More You Centralise the More You Save
      If you've already moved to a shared services model to centralise efforts, eliminate the costs of redundant functions, and put resources to better use, you know what shared services can do, but do you know where they can take you? 

      Shared Services is uniquely adept at managing spend. During this session, attendees will learn how to RESET their spend strategies by exploring the following:

        • Approaches to streamline and simplify your spend management systems and how to deliver more value to the  business 
        • How a shared services model for travel, expense and invoice can mature over time to increase efficiencies and provide rich financial data and insights 
        • The key points when moving to or evolving your existing shared services model 
      Presenter: SAP Concur

      10:00 AM - 10:45 AM  (AEDT)
      Designing, Building & Executing Global Business Services    
      Organisations are increasingly adopting global business services (GBS) to align business objectives, gain economies of scale, develop the next-generation of leaders and leverage digital technologies. To truly accelerate a digital transformation in GBS, organisations must put customers front and center, focus on additional service offerings and leverage data analytics to improve decision support. During this session, attendees will learn how to RESET their GBS model to save costs, add value, and evolve talent from pure operators to change agents.

        • Discuss a framework for a well-executed digital global business services strategy and learn how it differs from shared services and outsourcing strategies’ narrower focus
        • Unlock the maximum value from GBS by embracing new technologies and avoiding the common implementation pitfalls
        • Explore the adoption of intelligent automation technologies in shared services models, and what that means for GBS organisations
      11:00 AM - 11:45 AM (AEDT)
      ANZ’s Changing Outsourcing Landscape: Towards the Pursuit of Innovation, Agility, Efficiency and Digitisation 
      Across the ANZ markets, customers are still highly bullish about the continued growth of their BPO activities over the next year. Nearly 3/4 of the organisations surveyed confirmed that they expect to increase their outsourcing activity. The industry is growing but technology disruption is changing the business model. ANZ SSOs that outsource expect BPO partnerships to offer more value-added offerings such as problem solving, end-to-end expertise/support, innovation, and advancements in hybrid cloud, analytics, application modernisation and AI. During this session, attendees will learn how to RESET their current outsourcing strategy and partnership with the help from several a major BPO and customer.

        • Define the new-style BPO where customers are offered a transformative partnership for increased performance through data analytics, insights, robotisation and – above all – transparency
        • Understand the new role of BPO given the emergence of RPA and the added benefits and outsourcer can bring to IA initiatives  
        • Leverage a BPOs unique advantage of agility and scalability
        • Leverage BPOs to trial new processes or technologies that provide the opportunity to benchmark standards

      12:00 PM - 12:45 PM (AEDT)
      Finance End-to-End Process Improvement: Buy-In, Engagement Tactics, Success Factors and Lessons Learned 
      According to SSON Analytics, an overwhelming 80% of SSOs believe that the top initiative to help achieve their set target is to work on improving end-to-end workflow. During this session, attendees will learn how to RESET E2E workflow to leapfrog enhancements in productivity, efficiency and quality.

        • Develop a process maturity model as a great way to document your “as is” state and your “to be” state
        • Leverage digitilisation to make leapfrog improvements with E2E process optimization
        • Establish global, end-to-end process ownership to enable global business services success
      1:00 PM - 1:45 PM (AEDT)
      Unleashing New Business Value through the Power of Intelligent Automation  
       The ANZ IA landscape continues to see tremendous growth across all sectors with enterprises actively completing proof of concepts, pilots and deployments in the past year. According to SSON Analytics, 64% of respondents have embarked on their IA journey, are more prepared for additional IA solutions compared to 2019, and are combining RPA with powerful IA technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning for greater business benefits – driven by increased availability of resources and data-readiness. During this session, attendees will learn how to REIMAGINE the possibilities and move from IA pilot to production and scale in under 12 months. 

        • Orchestrate a mix of IA technologies to propel enterprise transformation and achieve a breadth of automation objectives
        • Develop IA enterprise governance, methodologies and frameworks to increase the scale and value of automation
        • Understand how return on investment will be measured and how automations are managed within standardised approaches
        • Learn how effective change management can overcome barriers to IA
      Speaker: Tim Johnson, Head of Insurance Operations Delivery, Suncorp Group

      2:45 PM - 3:00 PM (AEDT)  
      Chairwomen’s Closing Summary
      Naomi Secor, Global Managing Director, SSON

      Susheel Tanwar

      Susheel Tanwar

      Head of Finance

      Kmart group Asia (KGA)

      Jamie Taylor

      Jamie Taylor

      General Manager, Global Business Services


      Ross Mackay

      Ross Mackay

      Group Head of Global Shared Services and Finance Optimisation

      International SOS

      Benjamin Butt

      Benjamin Butt

      Senior Procurement Advisor

      Pāmu Farms of New Zealand

      Peter Franklin

      Peter Franklin

      Financial Controller

      Pāmu Farms of New Zealand

      Michael Pyliotis

      Michael Pyliotis

      VP APAC


      Tim Johnson

      Tim Johnson

      Head of Insurance Delivery Operations

      Suncorp Group

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