Day One

10:00 am - 10:40 am From Ad-Hoc To Holistic: Creating A Long-term, Enterprise-Wide Intelligent Automation Strategy

Last year organisations rushed to implement automation that would help them save cash and survive the pandemic. The result was that many shared services ended up with ad-hoc processes being automated, rather than a comprehensive enterprise-wide strategy. A year on its time to look at how we can build on the digital gains made in 2020 and create impact that lasts. This session focuses on how to go about this, including:

• Going from process-by-process to enterprise-wide: Building an intelligent automation strategy with long-term impact

• Best practice for scaling your IA projects

• Talent and resources needed to support full-scale automation

• Understanding the top three factors for IA process selection: time saved through automation, repeatability of process and potential for scaling

It was hard enough to get the buy-in in the first place; but several months on and your RPA project still isn’t delivering in the way you’d hoped. It’s a tough situation, but one that is not uncommon and is definitely solvable. To help you fix the problem, or even prevent it, we’ve gathered a panel of seasoned experts to share common and uncommon blockers to speedy ROI.

• The data vortex 

• The importance of end-to-end process optimization

• Buy-in, leadership and communication

• Calculating realistic timelines and outcomes


Asher Lake

Corporate Automation Coach and RPA Lead
Mercedes-Benz Customer Assistance Center


Erhan Ok

Head of Intelligent Automation, IA & Integration


Danilo McGarry

Global Head of Automation
Alter Domus

8:00 am - 8:30 am The Bot Maintenance Equilibrium

You’ve implemented bots to reduce head-count, but (especially with in-production bots) those bots still need a level of maintenance and support. This becomes especially important when tackling changing regulations, applications and processes. With the need for maintenance comes rising-costs and risk to productivity, project buy-in and sustainability. Therefore finding a way to monitor bots without taking up too much time is vital. This session looks at how to build a robust bot maintenance program that doesn’t inhibit the broader business objectives that RPA was meant to drive.