Driving Value and Growth in SSCs through Digital Transformation and Next-Generation Talent

The days of Shared Service Centres acting as a cost centre are gone. The SSCs of tomorrow will be responsible for enabling business-critical decision making, and for providing advanced and valued services to their organisations. China’s SSCs are right in the process of the digital transformation. Wherever you are on your journey, you cannot afford to be left behind.

Following 4 years of continuous success the ‘Shared Services & Outsourcing Beijing’ is back for its 5th instalment on 25-26 June 2019. Bringing you the industry shakers and movers, come and join us at the Best SSO event in China

共享服务中心作为成本中心的日子已经一去不复返了。 未来的共享服务中心将负责实现关键业务决策,并为其组织提供先进和有价值的服务。 中国的SSC正处于数字化转型的过程中无论您处在转型的哪个阶段,都不能落伍。


Featured Speakers

2020 Key Topics Include

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Developing Strategic Mid to Senior Leaders in SSO Centres

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Upskilling and Reskilling your Talent for Technology Enabled Roles

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Leveraging on Shared Service Centres to Drive Customer Experience

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Adapting to a Winning Culture for Shared Services Centres

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Capitalising On Growth Opportunities Through Value-Added Processes

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Real Life Case Studies on RPA/AI/ Data Analytics/ Block-chain
数据分析以及区块链的实际应用案例 分析

Reasons to attend | 为何您应该出席本届峰会

Brand new thought leaders from recognized best practices in the market

Topics covering not only strategies for starting stages but also best practices for value-adding processes

Inaugural interactive discussion groups with 10+ different topics, targeting different functions (finance, HR, procurement, supply chain, IT) and different development stage of SSCs, to ensure customised solutions to your specific challenges
新增互动研讨小组的形式 - 根据不同部门职责(财务、人力、供应链、IT等)及不同发展阶段设置10个不同议题的互动讨论小组,最大程度地保证您与处于相似发展阶段的同行们深度交流,让您面临的具体挑战和疑问,都获得定制化的意见和解答