No Pitching Policy

No Sales Pitches Onstage

SSON is giving practitioners full control of content.

Ever find yourself zoning out the moment you realise someone is selling you something you didn’t ask for? Well, we do – and so do a lot of our customers.

That’s why SSON has done away with vendors taking the stage to pitch their products and replaced it with an all practitioner-led speaker faculty for our plenary and tracked sessions.

That means you’ll get access to a practitioner’s point of view every time you come to one of our events. Your time spent with us will be 100% more effective as you learn from peers about their experiences, lessons learned and their roadmap to success.

Now, don’t get us wrong – our vendors still have a very prominent place at our events, because we know they provide an enormous amount of value and knowledge for you. (If anything, many of the practitioners you’ll hear from owe their success to a partnership with a solution-provider!)

However, it will be up to you when and where you hear from solution-providers – whether through a 1-to-1 meeting to discuss a specific challenge, during a master class or workshop catering to niche groups or within the Exhibition Hall to get an understanding of all the new technology available to empower your success.

It is our primary responsibility to make sure you widen your networks and hear the content you signed up for when you attend an SSO Week. This is our first step (of many) to stick by our word.

Here’s to a new standard in the events industry for the shared services and outsourcing community.

Download the full event brochure to see the full practitioner speaker line-up.