Pre-Conference Workshops - 17 November 2020

Solution Clinic 1

9:00 am - 11:30 am SSC and GBS Masterclass – Designing, Planning and Implementing Digital Business Services

Chin Kuang Kim - Vice President of Finance, Global Business Services, Jabil Circuit
Global business services are the evolution of shared services and business process outsourcing – both focused on process efficiency improvement and cost reduction. It’s key pillar of digital strategy helps companies navigate in a transformative age.
  • Understanding your business challenges to reach lean, cost-efficient operations
  • Looking at the organization issues through different lenses and establish an agile operating platform
  • Combining business and technology tools to develop rapid outline concepts and drive digitization
  • Developing joint working plans for immediate experimentation to enable a superior customer journey


Chin Kuang Kim

Vice President of Finance, Global Business Services
Jabil Circuit

Solution Clinic 2

The shared services model came on the scene in the 1980s to improve efficiency and standardization in back-office functions. In recent years, it has taken on new importance — moving beyond transactional, manual work, and focusing on automation, innovation, analysis, and process. Shared services organizations have been ‘moving up the value chain’ — something that was promised for many years but is now accelerating.
  • Strong leadership, accountability and clear organizational structures with E2E process optimization
  • Strong alignment between NextGen ERP blueprint and E2E process model helps ensure systems are fit for purpose and reduces double work/investments
  • Harmonizing highly transactional activities within shared services
  • Global service delivery network and service management framework

Dr. Patricia Francis, C.A. (M), ACCA (UK),

Head of SBS Kuala Lumpur Center | Integration and Transition China Asia JPAC Lead
Sanofi Business Services (SBS) Malaysia, Business Transformation

Solution Clinic 3

3:00 pm - 5:30 pm Unleash the Value of Process Mining to Gain Accurate and Quantitative Insights for Your SSOs

Zulaifah Abdul Ghani - Head - Centre of Excellence; Country Finance lead - Malaysia & Indonesia, Luxasia
Big data is the next frontier for innovation, competition, and productivity. In the years since, data science has continued to make rapid advances in machine learning and deep learning. Organizations now have troves of raw data combined with powerful and sophisticated analytics tools to gain insights that can improve operational performance and create new market opportunities. Most profoundly, their decisions no longer must be made in the dark or based on gut instinct; they can be based on evidence, experiments, and more accurate forecasts.
  • How process mining drives efficient, effective and compliant transactions
  • Identify the most critical internal barriers using data and analytics
  • Using data science to gain insights to improve operational performance and create new market opportunities
  • Understanding the capabilities of machine learning and deep learning to forecast outcomes

Zulaifah Abdul Ghani

Head - Centre of Excellence; Country Finance lead - Malaysia & Indonesia