22 - 25 April, 2019
Pavilion Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Pre-Conference Workshops - 22 April 2019

Workshop A

9:00 am - 11:30 am Workshop A: Change Management for Continuous Improvement and Process Excellence

In order to keep up with the evolving business needs, technology disruption and market trends; SSCs will sometimes have to change their priorities and delivery models. However implementing change management in a multifunction organisation can often be met with internal challenges and internal resistance. The workshop will outline industry best practices and strategies for creating a Shared Service culture with embrace this change

  • Create a culture in which you and your team are constantly striving for improvements
  • What does effective change management look like in an SSO model?
  • Which processes can withstand change and transformation?
  • Getting buy-in from leadership and other teams to start the change process

Gayatri Sharma, Digital Transformation Engagement Lead at Ericsson

Gayatri Sharma

Digital Transformation Engagement Lead

Workshop B

12:30 pm - 3:00 pm Workshop B : Step-by-Step Guide to Value-Added Functions

Value Addition’ in the buzz word in today’s time as Malaysian SSCs are aiming to move up the maturity curve and generate more value for the global business. There has also been an increase in the demand for activities such as Management Reporting, Tax, Treasury and Business Development.

The workshop will provide a step by step guide on how SSCs can transition to a revenue generation model by expanding to new functions

  • Taking a holistic view of your operation to determine which operations can and should be brought into the SSO
  • Is there a unified approach to developing next generation models and expanding to new functions?
  • What kind if decision support activities are Malaysian SSOs turning towards?
  • What are the commercial and operational issue of introducing new tasks
Theng Aik Chen, Director & Head Shared Services for Asia Pacific, EMEA & America at Pall Corporation

Theng Aik Chen

Director & Head Shared Services for Asia Pacific, EMEA & America
Pall Corporation

Workshop C

3:30 pm - 6:00 pm Workshop C - RPA Preparation and Implementations

Robotic Process Automation has been a game changer for shared service industry resulting in increased levels of efficiency while minimisingoperational and labour costs. However; despite the success stories, implementing RPA solutions requires careful planning and monitoring at each stage of implementation.

The Workshop will access the access the common opportunities and challenges SSCs encounter as they embark on the automation journey

  • Determining the scalability of the RPA solutions and how well can it be replicated in other parts of the business
  • Mapping out an RPA  strategy that is consistent with the existing IT infrastructure and long-term objectives
  • Evaluating the impact of RPA on the existing workforce and talent requirements
  • What are the common pitfalls to avoid?

Paul Bartley, COO , Global Business Services at Odfjell Drilling

Paul Bartley

COO , Global Business Services
Odfjell Drilling