28-30 June 2017 | Aspire Training Centre, Nairobi, Kenya

Shared Services 101 – Assessing The Design, Build And Deployment Of Your Shared Service Centre: Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Implementing a shared services structure within your organisation is a complicated and lengthy task and it is imperative to embark on your journey with a comprehensive master plan that will lay the foundations for the long-term development of your operational framework. This masterclass is beneficial for those professionals that are tasked with the development and implementation of a shared service centre and will serve as a detailed guide of the best practices that should be deployed to ensure success, using real-life examples as illustration. The masterclass has been designed to assist you to:
l Gain stakeholders buy in for the adoption and successful implementation of shared services
l Examine the emerging trends in the economy, i.e. technology, management 2.0 and globalisation, as well as their impacts on the expectations for shared services
l Build a holistic overview and identify the value piece your SSC can bring to the organisation
l Understand how to plan what services need to be done in-house, and how to strengthen your SSCs core capabilities
l Analyse the key challenges in driving SS&O transformation within a multi-stakeholder corporate environment
l Prepare a roadmap for deployment from single function to multifunction through to integrated and GBS models
Gary Thompson, Consultant Advisor – Shared Services Program at Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation, UAE

Gary Thompson

Consultant Advisor – Shared Services Program
Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation, UAE