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In what felt like a matter of minutes Shared Services teams shifted from daily routines and business as usual collaborations to unfamiliar work environments and a new sense of distance from colleagues.  

Moving to a work from home (WFH) environment was a greater shift for many organizations than one measured in kilometers.  Employees got comfortable with zero commute time, increased schedule flexibility and cozy attire.  As we emerge from mandated WFH situations, Shared Services leaders are assessing lessons learned and measures of success to develop a Remote Shared Services Workforce that is sustainable across time.   

Join industry peers to gain timely insights on developing a Remote Shared Services Workforce including topics focused on:  
  • Psychology of remote working
  • Technology considerations and requirements
  • Practices to keep remote teams connected and productive

Day One Wednesday, 22 July 2020

0900 – 0945 US ET  / 3:00 PM - 3:45 PM CET
Developing an Empowered and Productive Remote Workforce Through The Digital Workplace 
SSON took a pulse check of Shared Services organizations in the early stages of the COVID crisis with 93% of the respondents indicating they had lost less than 25% of their service capacity.  Less than two weeks later, the result was dramatically different.  It became increasing evident that the effectiveness of remote working decreased as operational implications became more widespread and productivity barriers began to emerge. Working on laptops rather than dual screen monitors was a simple example of technology changes that began to impact business performance.  In the short term, shared services team chose to prioritize the delivery of mission-critical work, elected to defer internal projects focused on process improvement and ceased transitioning new scope to centers to combat productivity loss.  What lessons can be applied to build an empowered remote workforce for the future?

 Amplify your remote workforce strategy for the long term by:
  • Aligning technology toolkits with the workspace and connectivity constraints in remote working environment
  • Implementing increased visibility into productivity and enable real time resource change capabilities
Presenter: Ramesh Ramakrishnan, VP Shared Services BPO Operations, HSBC 

1000 - 1045 US ET / 4:00 PM - 4:45 PM CET
Securing Your Data In A Remote Environment
In an environment where many workers have never before been home-based, protocols around securing company and customer data need implementing fast. According to cyber security firm Barracuda Networks, phishing attempts have soared over 600% since the end of February, as cyber criminals take advantage of companies with poor security infrastructure. This session talks about simple steps you can take to protect your staff and your data.
  • Keeping your personal technology and data secure in a remote working environment
  • The balance between enterprise mobility and security
  • Instilling data best practices into your workers and ensuring they stick to them!
  • Technology that can help  

1100 - 1145 US ET  / 5:00 PM - 5:45 PM CET
Remote vs. Outsourced – Developing a BCP Strategy in the Post COVID World
The duration and magnitude of the COVID-19 crisis stretched business continuity plans (BCP) far beyond traditional boundaries and testing.  One outcome identified was the need to access contingent staff augmentation based on the changing resource levels and business volume fluctuations. Progression of a Remote Shared Services Workforce can be one strategy to respond to this need.  Partnering with BPO providers as a hot site backup or to supplement your remote working capabilities may also be a solution.  A combination of both options may also be necessary to react to fluid business conditions.

Appraise your Business Continuity Plan and resource management planning against a COVID level crisis including:
  • Flexibility to scale as business continuity needs and duration vary
  • Technology and digital process readiness
  • ‘Flip of the switch’ infrastructure and devices not dependent on a potentially interrupted supply chain
Presenter: Samir Bagri, Senior Director, Finance Operations, Sysco Business Services 

Day Two, Thursday 23rd July

0900 – 0945 US ET / 3:00 PM - 3:45 PM CET
Enrich Shared Services’ Value Proposition with a Virtual Shared Service Model 
The term “virtual shared services” has been around for a while, but in 2020 it’s gone from a pipe-dream to a vital consideration. Covid 19 has exposed the fallibility of relying on location and people for core transactional work, and has caused us all to re-examine options when it comes to delivery. Location independent, 24 hour and underpinned by technology, virtual shared services may be the answer. In this session we discuss the model and whether it’s something we should all be looking to move towards.

1000 – 1045 US ET / 4:00 PM – 4:45 PM CET
Don’t Go Backwards! Building Agility And Resilience With A Digital SSC
The old saying ‘never waste a good crisis’ still holds. Any processes that were sub-par or unable to flex have been exposed in all their glory and to go back to what you were doing before, just because the world has returned to ‘normal’ would be a ticking time-bomb. Enterprises will be increasingly looking to benefit from the operational agility of global Shared Services models while expecting them to morph in order to strengthen flexible delivery network capacity. This session looks at experiences distilled from the COVID crisis that should be taken into account and how to build a sustainable remote workforce:
    • Discussing the Increased need for IT support as a dedicated resource and integral partner
    • Intensifying cybersecurity planning and requirements
    • Building resilience in your processes and future shared service model
    • Finding technology that creates an agile shared service center
    Panelist: Sanjay Patel, SVP & Global Head, Takeda Business Solutions

End of Conference

Ramesh Ramakrishnan

Ramesh Ramakrishnan

VP Shared Services and BPO Operations


Sanjay Patel

Sanjay Patel

SVP and Global Head of Takeda Business Solutions


Samir Bagri

Samir Bagri

Senior Director, Finance Operations

Sysco Business Services

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