10 - 13 August, 2020 | Manila, Philippines

Ameya Karvir

Senior Director Expedia

Conference Day 1

Wednesday, August 14th, 2019

12:00 PM 13 - Sharing the secrets of using predictive analytics to provide insights on customers to improve responsiveness

The new era of the empowered consumer with the growing number of communication channels and the challenges of the new millennial employee and the contact centre, bring a unique position, seated at the crossroads of customers, channel and employees, and has been leading the customer service evolution for decades. We uncover the underlying cultural and technological trends that are shaping our industry, introduce ideal solutions that can help organisations leverage these trends to provide outstanding customer service.

5:20 PM Fire-Side Chat: Up-skilling Workforce for New Skills Demand – Building the Talent Pool for the Digital Workforce

Hiring outlook in the Philippines remains positive across industries. Industries are looking to grow the talent pool to seize diversification and growth opportunities in the phase of Shared Services transition and embrace new technologies integration match with the relevant skills for today’s economy. Employees, on the other hand, cite a lack of career path and opportunity to grow. Low pay competitiveness and unpleasant relationships with supervisors are their top reasons for leaving the organisation. Can we increase human capital for the industry through (P2P) public, private partnership and up-skill employees through industry certifications to improve current workforce?

Conference Day 2

Thursday, August 15th, 2019

12:00 PM 1 - Improving Customer Service through the Value Levers of Just-in-Time and As-a-Service

Timing and superior customer services are becoming the keys to attaining competitive advantage for a company. Time-based competition is an important issue that many companies are facing as customers are becoming more time sensitive and time-oriented in terms of better services, reliability and delivery. It is essential to satisfy customers’ objectives and needs to provide superior customer service, thus, establish a good relationship with them.

Post-Conference Workshops

Friday, August 16th, 2019

10:20 AM The Evolutions in Forensic Data Analytics and Rise of New Regulatory Compliance Risks

  • Analytics to drive Shared Services Improvements
  • Analytics across multiple SSC or GBS towers
  • Analytics as a Service to the business
  • Owning the Analytics agenda: Insight Driven Organization

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