19 - 20 November, 2019 | Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Singapore

Pre-Conference Solution Clinics

9:00 am - 11:30 am Solution Clinic A | A Step-by-Step Handbook to Building a Global Business Services (GBS)

Ask every Shared Services leader, and more often than not they will tell you that their end-goal is to transition their SSO into a Global Business Service (GBS) – yet they do not truly understand the concept of GBS, let alone the critical milestones needed to make that dream a reality. In this solution clinic, participants will have the opportunity to get their hands dirty and develop their own GBS roadmap – and more importantly, understand the common obstacles through the lens of a GBS leader who has been there done that.
  • Determining the critical ingredients needed to build a world-class GBS
  • Defining the GBS concept and develop a cross-cultural, global GBS model
  • Formulating the business case to attain stakeholders buy-in
  • Changing the culture of your SSO to drive the GBS journey 
Sumit Mitra, Chief Executive Officer at TESCO Global Business Services

Sumit Mitra

Chief Executive Officer
TESCO Global Business Services

12:15 pm - 2:45 pm Solution Clinic B | Continuous Improvement 3.0 – Embracing Process Excellence and Rethinking the Way Services are Simplified, Personalised and Delivered

We all know the story – process migration and standardisation occur at the start of your Shared Services journey; and a few years down the road, you are forced to re-evaluate existing processes, review workflows and re-think different service delivery models. Continuous improvement and process excellence are key to ensuring the sustainability of your Shared Services Organisation – but how do you achieve them?
  • Examining different models for ensuring processes are continuously tackled for improvement
  • Participating in a "hands on" example of process improvement
  • Understanding how an end to end process view can jump-start your improvement efforts
  • Discussing critical skills needed to be a "process pro"
Paul Bartley, Chief Operating Officer at Odfjell Driling

Paul Bartley

Chief Operating Officer
Odfjell Driling

3:00 pm - 5:30 pm Solution Clinic C | The Secret Ingredient to Value Creation – Unlocking the Power of Data and Analytics

Shared services functions sit on large data-sets – the single most powerful growth enabler that remains under-valued and under-utilised. The key to advancing growth lies in unlocking the insights beyond data, and understanding how SSO practitioners are able to effectively use this data to power decisions and strategies.
  • Formulating key steps to data analytics – How to?
  • Practising data mining to obtain business intelligence and drive decisions that create value
  • Supporting front-line activities through data and analytics
  • Identifying best-in-class technology and tools to empower analytics 
Puneet Gupta, Director, Global Business Services, Asia Pacific at Kimberly Clark

Puneet Gupta

Director, Global Business Services, Asia Pacific
Kimberly Clark