Pre-Conference Solution Clinics

9:00 am - 11:30 am Solution Clinic A | A Step-by-Step Handbook to Building a Global Business Services (GBS)

Sumit Mitra - Chief Executive Officer, TESCO Global Business Services
Ask every Shared Services leader, and more often than not they will tell you that their end-goal is to transition their SSO into a Global Business Service (GBS) – yet they do not truly understand the concept of GBS, let alone the critical milestones needed to make that dream a reality. In this solution clinic, participants will have the opportunity to get their hands dirty and develop their own GBS roadmap – and more importantly, understand the common obstacles through the lens of a GBS leader who has been there done that.
  • Determining the critical ingredients needed to build a world-class GBS
  • Defining the GBS concept and develop a cross-cultural, global GBS model
  • Formulating the business case to attain stakeholders buy-in
  • Changing the culture of your SSO to drive the GBS journey 

Sumit Mitra

Chief Executive Officer
TESCO Global Business Services

12:15 pm - 2:45 pm Solution Clinic B | Continuous Improvement 3.0 – Embracing Process Excellence and Rethinking the Way Services are Simplified, Personalised and Delivered

Paul Bartley - Chief Operating Officer, Odfjell Driling
We all know the story – process migration and standardisation occur at the start of your Shared Services journey; and a few years down the road, you are forced to re-evaluate existing processes, review workflows and re-think different service delivery models. Continuous improvement and process excellence are key to ensuring the sustainability of your Shared Services Organisation – but how do you achieve them?
  • Examining different models for ensuring processes are continuously tackled for improvement
  • Participating in a "hands on" example of process improvement
  • Understanding how an end to end process view can jump-start your improvement efforts
  • Discussing critical skills needed to be a "process pro"

Paul Bartley

Chief Operating Officer
Odfjell Driling

3:00 pm - 5:30 pm Solution Clinic C | The Secret Ingredient to Value Creation – Unlocking the Power of Data and Analytics

Puneet Gupta - Director, Global Business Services, Asia Pacific, Kimberly Clark
Shared services functions sit on large data-sets – the single most powerful growth enabler that remains under-valued and under-utilised. The key to advancing growth lies in unlocking the insights beyond data, and understanding how SSO practitioners are able to effectively use this data to power decisions and strategies.
  • Formulating key steps to data analytics – How to?
  • Practising data mining to obtain business intelligence and drive decisions that create value
  • Supporting front-line activities through data and analytics
  • Identifying best-in-class technology and tools to empower analytics 

Puneet Gupta

Director, Global Business Services, Asia Pacific
Kimberly Clark