What’s New In 2018?

Bringing the focus back to the essence of Shared Services and Outsourcing, the 21st Asian Shared Services & Outsourcing Week will shine a limelight on 4 critical issues:

  • Challenging Traditional Delivery Models to Achieve Holistic SSO Growth through Leadership and Agility
    The Shared Services scene we know 10 years ago has changed drastically, and will continue evolving even as we speak. What changes lie ahead of us as an industry and more importantly, how do we stay ahead of the game? Hear how some SSOs are breaking barriers and challenging traditions by gearing away from standard models – and more importantly, find out if this works for your own SSO!

  • Implementing and Integrating a Digital Workforce in your Organisation
    Take what you know about the Shared Services workforce and throw it away – because in this digital workplace, everything is now different. From recruiting the right talent with the necessary capabilities and skillsets, up-skilling and re-skilling your workforce and nurturing next-generation leaders, to navigating the challenges involved in integrating “Bots and Brains” in your processes; leaders are now well aware that these go beyond just the scope of HR. Embrace the changing workforce landscape and learn what are some innovative ways SSOs are implementing to future-proof their SSO workforce – there will be something for everyone!

  • Actualising the Full Potential of Disruptive Technology for Long-Term Scalable Growth
    In the era of digitalisation, organisations are increasingly turning to automation and technology; and the Shared Services industry is no different. The time has come for Asia’s Shared Services sector to leverage disruptive technology like RPA, Intelligent Automation, Artificial Intelligence and more to obtain greater efficiency, increased productivity and reduced costs. Find out how leading SSOs have done so, and learn how you can do the same.

  • Embracing Customer-Centric Services and Culture to Achieve Greater Synergies between Business Units and SSOs
    The concept of "value-added" services and processes is not new – but in 2018, we are witnessing the emergence of different activities that add meaningful, commercial value for businesses. Alongside data, analytics and continuous improvement, new areas of focus include customer-centricity and process excellence amongst others. Don't miss out brand new case studies of what SSOs are doing – better, smarter and faster!