Aneta van den Kieboom

Finance Director, O2C Global Process Owner Coty

Aneta is a highly accomplished Senior Business Leader with an extensive experience in Shared Services and Outsourcing sectors as well as transition and process transformations, delivering tangible benefits for the companies. During her career, Aneta had been working in operations, leading big multicultural global teams, process transitions and transformations as well as consultancy for the companies with regards to Shared Services models and strategies, working closely with Chief Financial Officers. This enabled Aneta to be exposed to various aspects of the business, hence built the right understanding and balance required while driving the Global Business Services agenda. Next to her current responsibilities as a Global Process Owner Director at Coty, Aneta is providing consultancy and expertise to companies which are interested in Global Business Services models.

Agenda Day 1. Tuesday 16th March 2021 - Time Zone CET

Tuesday, March 16th, 2021

12:00 PM Keynote Panel: Creating world-class finance operations through finance transformation, technology adoption and GPO leadership

  • Reaching our potential to create world-class finance operations: outlining current objectives, priorities and foreseen challenges in end-to-end finance transformation
  • Leading the move towards digitisation and automation: why are we still spending more time on traditional finance activities than new digital trends?
  • Becoming advanced with data analytics: what steps must be taken to actively investigate how we must be using sophisticated, forward-looking analytics to enhance finance and organisational performance
  • When coming up against the brick wall of organisational resistance, what incentives systems are needed to encourage adoption?
  • Is GPO model the answer to unlock organisational collaboration? 

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